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Wedding cancellations didn’t stop Andy from losing two stone

A cancelled wedding day was not going stop Andrew Munro from losing weight and being able to fit into his cycling gear again.

Andrew, 55, wanted to look good for his wedding day. And even though the big day was no longer going ahead, due to COVID-19, he was still determined to lose weight and change his lifestyle.

Andy said: “Our wedding was meant to take place on 29th May 2020 and, in preparation, I decided I needed to lose weight. The pounds had crept on over the years and I wanted to look good on the day.

“I was impressed by the recent weight loss of some close friends and they explained about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and how flexible it was. My friends were already with Consultant Mandy King, so I approached her to find out more about what it entailed.

“I’d just signed up with Mandy and then lockdown came in, but I was determined to change my mindset and lose weight, so even though the wedding was cancelled, I decided to go ahead.

“Mandy was very supportive and explained everything to me. During lockdown, we kept in contact via social media and virtual weekly weigh-ins.

“This was ideal as it kept me focused and, even when I had a little lapse, Mandy was supportive and encouraging, helping me get back on track.

“My goal was to lose two stone as we thought this was a realistic target and Mandy started me on Step 4. The advice I would give is to find the meal replacement product that suits you and don’t be afraid to experiment.

“I can now fit comfortably into clothes and have got rid of my oversized large suits and shirts. I’ve also started cycling without the Lycra being too stretched.

“With Mandy’s help and support, I’m going to lose another half a stone and then maintain my weight. I also have my wedding to look forward to next year which will also help me stay focused.”

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