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If you’re from the media and want to know more about The 1:1 Diet, please get in touch with our lovely PR and Corporate Events team. 

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Angela Bolton (PR Coordinator)
+44 (0)1536 403344 Ext: 5211
Ruth Supple (PR & Events Manager)
+44 (0)1536 403344 Ext: 5210 / 07894 411952

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The PR agency that we work with is The Lucre Group. Call them on +44 (0)113 243 1117 / 0208 741 5900 or email them on

Bride’s incredible weight loss after dropping three dress sizes in four months!

Added: 12/08/19

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Gran who was 'destroying herself' reveals amazing six-and-a-half stone weight loss

Added: 20/07/2019

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Review: The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan (month 1)

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Quarter of Leeds dieters 'ashamed'

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Centre of attention as Anne enjoys a 'dream' day

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Man lost weight on The 1:1 Diet and can now walk nine miles!

Added: 04/07/2019

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Corby-based dieting company’s overseas success is example to all

Added: 28/06/2019


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Meet the MD: Christopher McDermott, The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

Added: 25/06/19

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Parents who lived off canteen food and takeaways whilst caring for their premature twins in hospital reveal how they lost NINE stone between them in just one year.

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Diet is not a dirty word!

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What an inspiring story! Read more about Cath here!

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Meet the women who have transformed their lives and waistlines thanks to one committed coach

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WEIGH- HEY! Crisp addict who ‘ate to deal with loss of mum’ shows off incredible 7 stone weight loss

Added: 04/04/2019

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Obese woman sheds more than 10 stone in just 12 months and now competes in marathons!

Added: 02/04/2019

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Mum loses HALF her bodyweight after being told she was too big for Harry Potter ride

Added: 02/04/2019

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Accountant who ate a family-sized chocolate bar every DAY reveals how she dropped 6st

Added: 22/03/2019

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Type 2 diabetes: Trial shows this weight loss plan can put condition into remission

Added: 11/03/2019

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Mum feared she would be dead by 40 so lost six stone in a matter of months

Added: 13/02/2019

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Woman who pledged on TV to lose weight renews her wedding vows - 5 stones lighter

Added: 05/02/2019

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