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Scientifically based Supported by research

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan is research-proven to be safe and effective. See the studies here.

The history

The 1:1 Diet was founded by Dr Alan Howard way back in the 60's. He was one of the original pioneers of obesity research and founder of the International Journal of Obesity - who spent 50 years at the University of Cambridge, most of it researching and devising the optimum weight-loss diet.

Over the last 35 years, dozens of studies have been published on the core components to The 1:1 Diet; one-to-one support, products and Plan, consistently demonstrating their safety and efficacy. Check them out below:

Landmark Research on Diabetes

Recently, the DiRECT study, based upon our products and Plan, has changed the way doctors and dietitians all around the world think about the reversal of diabetes. You can read the full research here 

Huge NHS Pilot Study Based Upon Our Plan

In fact, based upon the incredible results of DiRECT, the NHS and Diabetes UK have commissioned a pilot Type 2 diabetes remission study of 5000 patients.

Largest Ever Diabetes Prevention Study

Our products and Plan were also used successfully in the largest ever, multi-national study of diabetes prevention.

Study Subjects Keep Using The 1:1 Diet

All of the above studies resulted in over 10 kilos of weight loss and in the recent DROPLET weight-loss study, subjects again lost more than 10 kilos and improved multiple markers of health.

Subjects were so impressed with the diet plan, that 62 per cent of them continued The 1:1 Diet at their own expense at the end of the study and have maintained their weight loss for a third year running

Case studies

There are so many inspirational success stories on our blog. Here are just a few that have shared their experience whilst on Plan. Check out the blog for more!

Former DJ reverses his type 2 diabetes

Paul Williams loses four stone and reverses his symptoms of type 2 diabetes following The 1:1 Diet.

Read here
Faye turns life around with reversal of type 2 diabetes

Faye Gillies celebrates an incredible seven stone weight loss and reverses her symptoms of type 2 diabetes following The 1:1 Diet.

Read here
Young dad loses over 4st and puts his type 2 diabetes into remission

Young dad-of-two celebrated reversing his type 2 diabetes through weight loss on a Total Diet Replacement programme with The 1:1 Diet.

Read here

Why not take a peek at some of the other research we've got?

That's right, there's even more research to be found supporting the effectiveness of the Plan! Check out these few below.

Battle of the Sweeteners – are some sweeteners better than others?

This study shows that sucralose (the low-calorie sweetener we use) results in better change in body weight, as compared to aspartame, saccharin and stevia extract.

Read here
Another study proving it really works!

A major trial has proven that a combination of Total Diet Replacement programmes (TDRs) and one-to-one support, could lead to better weight loss results than the usual NHS care route.

Read here
Great research published!

The Diabetes UK conference have presented some more fab research using tasty (and nutritious) products manufactured by us!


Read here

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