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How much does The 1:1 Diet cost?

We know “How much does The 1:1 Diet cost?”, “What’s the Cambridge diet cost?” and “Is there a price for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan?” are all questions people search for answers to, when thinking about going on Plan.

Well, look no further, here’s where you can find the answer!

Low-cost diet meals

Prices vary from Consultant to Consultant, but on average, you’ll only pay around £2.62/€3.01 for a meal. The cost per week for the diet is around £55.02/€63.51 based on 3 meals a day (Step 1A) and your all-important weekly one-to-one consultation.

weight loss plan cost

Diet plan cost comparisons

Let’s put these numbers into context:

If you usually buy a fancy flavoured coffee from a cafe for around £3, instead you can purchase our scrummy The 1:1 Diet Cappuccino Shake. It's so much better for you and it tastes amazing!

We’ve found the average spend on a weekly shop (not including alcohol) is £62.44*. That’s potentially more than you'll pay for a week on Plan, plus depending on what Step you're on, you don't even have to go food shopping - bonus!

Also, how many times do you treat yourself to eating out at a restaurant or cafe each month? On average it tends to be around £84**, that's over one week on Plan (and a lot less temptation!) Not only do you get low-cost diet meals, you’ll get dedicated one-to-one support, with a Plan tailored to you.

*According to DEFRA

**Data from Statista

weight loss plan costs

So, what are you waiting for?

The 1:1 Diet Plan is cheaper and a whole lot better for you than bad food options. Say bye-bye to complicated meal prep - the meal replacement products are super easy to grab and go (you don't need to be a whiz in the kitchen!). Plus, with a tailored Plan to suit your lifestyle, and your very own cheerer-onner to support you every step of the way, you’ve got all the bases covered - what’s not to love?!