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Who it works for

The 1:1 Diet is a You shaped Plan. That means it's so flexible, it can pretty much be tailored to meet you and your individual lifestyle. Just check out some of our success stories to see how one-to-one support, meal replacement products, and a flexible Plan has worked for them. We also know that in some cases, a diet might not be the right thing for you, so take a look at who shouldn't do the diet at the bottom of this page.

Despite being a busy mum of four, Katie smashed her weight-loss goals in the space of just five months!

Katie Maber had struggled with her weight since becoming a mum. With young children aged between one and eight, and a successful business to run, she had lost confidence in herself before finding The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. Since losing the baby weight, she feels like a whole new person, and wants to inspire mums who can feel like they’ve lost their identity since having a baby.

Jazz used The 1:1 Diet so she could feel confident at family events

Jazz Ghandial used to avoid events after people suggested she was pregnant. Having lost more than five stone on The 1:1 Diet, she’s now loving dressing up for parties. Her Consultant's visits and enthusiatic approach always motivated Jazz and kept her going to face another week. Jazz attends events at every opportunity!

Laura Jackson was determined to find the perfect wedding dress diet and reach her goal weight before the big day

Getting married can be a stressful process, but when you’ve put yourself under pressure to lose a certain amount of weight for your big day, that can add even more strain. To start her wedding dress diet, Laura found a The 1:1 Diet Consultant and started on Step 1. This lead to a six stone weight-loss by her wedding. Go Laura!

Katy's inspiring story on The 1:1 Diet showed how it wasn't just a post Christmas diet plan for her!

For Katy, capturing special moments with her baby was the top priority. After being upset by her image in Christmas photos with her son, she took action and a Consultant to start her New Year diet plan. Katy started on Step 2; two products and a healthy meal. This lead to her impressive, confidence-boosting weight-loss of over 5 stone!

Kaya is loving life after losing an impressive 15st weight-loss, whilst at university!

With a series of health scares and life-threatening illnesses as a child, Kaya struggled with his weight as he grew up. After seeing how well his mum did on Plan, he knew that with the help of his Consultant, he could make a change through The 1:1 Diet. 

Who shouldn't do The 1:1 Diet

There are some cases where you should not go on a calorie restricted diet like The 1:1 Diet. Children under the age of 14 should not use The 1:1 Diet, or people with an eating disorder. There are also a handful of medical conditions which might mean a person should not use The 1:1 Diet. A Consultant will be able to advise you based on your own unique circumstances so contact your local Consultant today to find out more.

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