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Top 5 Diet Myths Mark Gilbert's Mythbusters

Do you feel overwhelmed by the everyday decisions that revolve around your diet, such as what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat? Are you wondering which diet plan to start to lose weight or improve your health? Perhaps, you have questions about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan that you want answers to before getting on plan with a Consultant? If yes to any of the above, then you're in the right place. Expert Nutritionist Mark Gilbert goes through the top 5 current myths around dieting, The 1:1 Diet plan, and losing weight.

Who is Mark Gilbert?

What is a diet myth?

Diet myths are notorious on the internet today. They can be defined as beliefs or statements about nutrition, which are invalid, misleading or backed by an inadequate amount and/or quality of evidence. Often, they even contradict existing scientific evidence. Getting a balanced overview of valid facts about nutrition is the only way people can ensure they can make properly informed decisions on the most appropriate healthy food choices for their particular circumstances and goals.

Food is not just a necessity of life, the daily dietary choices we make impact our long-term health, wellness, energy levels, performance, mood, clarity of thought, appearance and longevity.

There are countless online videos, articles and blogs out there, and the amount of information available is so voluminous and contradictory, that even experts commonly disagree on what is fact and what is fiction. When our nutritionist, Mark Gilbert, was asked how he could contribute to improving this state of affairs, he replied…

“I don’t claim to know all of the facts around nutrition, no one does, and most of them are not facts but theories, still in need of more evidence. When I address a nutritional issue, I may know a great deal about that subject and I’ll state what I think to be true based on the evidence. On the other hand, I may not know a lot about that issue, or I may not be up to date on the current research, and in those circumstances, I’ll admit and accept what I don’t know and give provisional advice and make clear where my blind spots are. Also, when an issue is controversial, I’ll give both sides of the argument. One thing I won’t do is give a simple answer to a question when I know the answer is very complex, not fully resolved or has several nuances – like most nutrition issues. Unfortunately, most sources of information these days imply they have the answer, and it is cut-and-dry and applies to everyone – in most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth!"

The Myth

Rapid weight loss leads to excessive loss of muscle and slowing of metabolism, which is sure to lead to weight regain.

The Truth

Studies on our diet and rapid weight loss show that THIS IS NOT TRUE and the metabolic rate does slow but only by about 80-150kcal per day and weight-loss CAN BE maintained on our diet. Click below to find out how it works...

The Myth

Diets with such low calories are very hard to follow because you get too hungry.

The Truth

Actually, interviews with subjects from the DiRECT study showed that they were surprised how little extra hunger they felt (and the 1:1 support they got was crucial to keeping them on track successfully when they did have trouble).

The Myth

Experts & nutritionists think our diet isn’t as good as ‘real food’ diets.

The Truth

Quite the opposite - Expert OHA report, British Dietetic Association, British Medical Association & Diabetes UK all agree we are a safe and effective diet for weight loss and particularly diabetes.

The Myth

You don’t need support to lose weight and diets that just have an app (no 1:1 support) can work just as well.

The Truth

Studies show that 1:1 support works much better than having an App on its own. One-to-one also works better than group weight loss diets.

The Myth

Keto diets are best for weight loss and keeping blood sugar low (diabetes risk).

The Truth

Review studies and expert groups have shown / concluded that this is not true. The 1:1 Diet works far better…and is over twice as effective for diabetes.

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