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Top 10 Tips to Help Get Your Great Back

Research released indicates a national crisis of self-confidence among adults as lockdown restrictions ease.

Almost half of UK adults now lack confidence in their appearance, according to a survey commissioned by The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. A mere 10 per cent say they feel great about how they look and integrating back into society, following months of lockdown.

And a quarter of women admit they feel ‘really self-conscious’ about how other people view their appearance.

Here Andre Radmall, psychotherapist and life coach, shares his top tips for getting your great back:

  1. Watch your language! Notice how many times you have negative thoughts about your appearance and start finding things to appreciate. Then say these as affirmations three times a day.

  2. Practice mindfulness. Take five minutes a day to focus on your breathing or an object you like such as a candle. If you find your mind wandering towards negative thoughts, gently bring your focus back to the object or your breathing.

  3. Stop making negative comments about yourself to friends. You wouldn’t say those things about others! Start by thinking about the things that you notice and praise in others and reflect on those aspects you find positive about yourself. They’re your friends for a reason and they clearly see lots of great things in you that you might not be able to see for yourself right now.

  4. Baby steps. Go slower than you think you need to when integrating back into social situations. If you go to an event or party, start by making it time limited and always have an exit strategy. Better to attempt less and win than try to do more and feel bad for it.

  5. The one garment rule. Try adding a new garment to your wardrobe that flatters you and you enjoy wearing. This can help boost self-esteem.

  6. Get physical. Don’t think of exercise purely as a method of losing weight. Exercise is great for boosting endorphins. Try to do one activity a day – this might be simply going out for a walk. This will boost your energy and confidence levels.

  7. Solo spa. Take one hour out of your week to pamper yourself with some of your favourite food, a bath, a massage or whatever floats your particular boat. This time out of your work to focus on yourself and what makes you happy will help to boost your self-esteem. 

  8. Celebrate the small wins. If something goes well in your day, take three minutes to celebrate. You can even do a little dance! No matter how small it is, if you celebrate the various bits throughout the day that are successful, you’ll soon realise there’s a lot more to celebrate than you first thought.

  9. If you are working from home, start dressing up to go to the computer. In other words, ditch the onesie! While comfy, they make returning to work clothes more of a shock. We’ve become so comfortable with the new normal, so this will be a helpful first step.

  10.   Take time to have fun. Watch an episode of your favourite comedy or chat to friends. This boosts endorphins and indirectly helps with self-confidence.

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