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Super busy mum of four loses baby weight and regains her confidence

Katy North a busy mum of four was struggling to shift her baby weight after having her daughter, Alice. She decided enough was enough and with the help of The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, lost over three and a half stone.

“I had been on Plan with The 1:1 Diet seven years ago and lost a significant amount of weight after I’d had my son Joseph. 

“I separated from my husband five years ago which was a very distressing time but after dusting myself off, I eventually met my current partner, Martyn. 

“My weight slowly crept back on as I enjoyed meals out and going on holiday, travelling to places like New York. We had a lovely romantic time, but I gained too much weight. 

“I then fell pregnant with my fourth child, Alice, and moved house around the same time. It was very stressful and I couldn’t go back on Plan because I was breastfeeding. 

“I was struggling to lose my baby weight but knew that something had to happen. I had tried other diets, but nothing seemed to work. 

“Luckily I found Karen Beebee my local Consultant and I haven’t looked back. She is my rock, friend and mentor. She’s turned my life around.  

“My weight loss has given me back my confidence. I’m celebrating a milestone birthday this year and want to feel “fab at forty” and walk down the aisle with my gorgeous partner Martyn.  

“With four children of my own and two step-children, mealtimes can be a challenge. 

“People ask me how I manage to feed such a large family and stay on Plan? The answer is simple. I pre-plan and batch cook in advance. 

“This way, I can enjoy healthy family meals with the kids, and adapt whatever we’re having. For instance, if we’re having a spaghetti bolognese, I will swap out pasta with a portion of courgetti and include items from the Step 3 plan

“If you’re out and about with the kids like I am, I always have a The 1:1 Diet product in my bag, that keeps me going. 

“Be inventive but also realise that if you want to achieve your ideal weight, put down some achievable milestones.  

“I’m in a much better place now, I’ve lost my baby weight and feel so much healthier. This year I decided to become a Consultant, so am going to be doing  training soon  as I believe in the diet and feel that I could help people on their weight loss journey.

“I’m getting married in October and I already have my beautiful dress. I’m looking forward to a fabulous future with Martyn and the kids.”