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  • I offer free consultations
  • I work from home
  • I offer weekend consultations
  • I offer evening consultations

Hi, I'm Sharon!

This will work for you too x

Turn your dreams into a reality!

Contact me to take that first step, you won't regret it xx

I am now taking appointments as a 1:1 Diet Consultant (see my socials for latest offers). I can honestly say that this diet is the only one that has worked for me. I have been where you are now and have come out the other side, this puts me in a great position to help you acheive your weight loss goal. 

I have been overweight pretty much my entire life and yet between October 2021 and May 2022 I managed to lose 4 stone 3lb on the 1:1 Diet. Now I want to help you acheive your dream. No matter your lifestyle this diet will work for you. Whether your goal is long term or you want to lose weight for that special event that is only a few weeks away, I can help you.

There is no minimum sign up period you can walk away at any point. So come say hi, give me a call or message for more information and book your first consultation, no expectation to start straight away or even to start with me. 

Start your weight loss journey today, I will be here to support you however you need, your number one cheerleader.

I do have a full time job at the moment so my appointments are restricted to evenings and Sundays, possibly Saturdays, But please feel free to call / message me anytime of the day, any day of the week it's just my face to face appointments that are limited.

I price my plan per item so you can keep costs down if needed.

I can't wait to meet you and help you change your life, it will be fantastic you wait, see you soon Sharon xx

It works!!

Height: 5' 3" Time to lose: 7 months Time maintained:
From 14 stones 10 lbs
To 10 stones 7 lbs

You CAN do this, you WILL do this and you'll feel fabulous when you achieve that weight loss goal!