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Jess feels like a new woman after losing three-and-a-half stone

Jessica Laughton, 29, had been having serious issues with her knees for years and after five painful operations decided she needed to lose weight.

Jess has now lost more than three-and-a-half stone and is maintaining her weight loss. She says her knee joints are less painful and she’s more agile, meaning she can easily run around after her little boy, Rory, three.

“My knees had been playing up for years, but as the weight slowly crept on, the problem just seemed to get worse and even after my operations, the strain on my joints was just not going away and I was in constant pain,” said Jess.

“I knew a lot of these issues were caused by my weight. I was miserable with how I looked and felt I had no energy and constantly felt exhausted, tired and irritable.

“I’d heard about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan through a friend of mine, who had lost weight for her wedding and looked amazing. I decided to go on The 1:1 Diet website and look for a Consultant and found Kellie.

“Kellie knew what I was going through, but also dished out some tough love, never letting me off the hook when I was having a bad day. We talked about the Plan and which Steps would suit me. I started on Step 1A and I’m now on Step 2, although I will be moving up to Step 3 shortly.

“I’m working my way up the Steps correctly and planning my meals ahead, making sure I’m eating the correct portions. I’m also following positive influencers across social media channels who provide me with a wealth of information especially around recipe ideas.

“I’m also using old photos of me for motivation, I don’t ever want to put the weight back on again and feel so miserable.

“I often pinch myself and look at how far I have come, since being on Plan. I have bags of energy and can run around after Rory. I can bend down and pick things up without being in pain. I recently trained to become a Consultant as I was so impressed by the diet and the way it can transform lives.

“I would love to have more children and now I know I can control my eating pattern. It no longer worries me if I put on weight during pregnancy.”  

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