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  • I offer free consultations
  • I offer mobile visits
  • I work from home
  • I offer daytime consultations
  • I offer weekend consultations
  • I offer evening consultations
  • I accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, I'm Susan!

Be the best version of you !

                                   "Gold & Incentive Winning" 



I've helped hundreds of clients throughout their personal journey, some of whom have gone on to win photo shoots and featured in the National 'Simply You' magazine 

If you're keen to make a change and be the best version of yourself, feel healthier, happier and more confident, congratulations on making the first step of your weight loss journey. 

Sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction ends up being the biggest.

  •  I offer a positive and supportive approach. 
  •  Private and confidential one to one consultation. 
  • Virtual weigh ins on a day and time to suit you  
  • Free delivery of products throughout the UK 
  • I can promise 100% support and commitment throughout your journey. 

I had tried so many diet plans and healthy eating regimes without success.

I had a wardrobe full of clothes that wouldn't fit ! 

Then I discovered The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan through a good friend who had lost 5 stone over a very short period of time. She looked absolutely fantastic. 

The plan was easy to follow, nutritionally complete with no complicated rules. I stayed completely motivated, losing weight quickly and safely. I was so inspired, it led me to become accredited as a Consultant. 

Whatever your weight loss goal, there's a plan that's tailored around you and your lifestyle (no matter how hectic it is!).  So please don't struggle alone, contact me in confidence today either by phone, e mail or text to arrange a free, no obligation telephone consultation.  With my unlimited one to one support, I'm here to motivate, encourage and help you to achieve your own personal goal and then maintain your new found weight. 

It's not the weight you lose, but the life you gain!

Please allow me to help you to be a heathier, happier more confident you 

I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their dreams and love seeing people change their lives. Let me help you become a slimmer, healthier and more confident you.

I am totally committed to making sure every single one of my clients is treated individually to achieve their own personal weight loss goal.

Together let's make sure this is the last diet you ever do. 

Make that call today, don't wait a minute longer. 

I genuinely hope to hear from you soon and we can do this together.

Many thanks 

Susan x 

Easiest diet I've ever done!

Height: 5' 2" Time to lose: 8 weeks Time maintained: 5 years
From 10 stones 3 lbs
To 8 stones 9 lbs

With a huge choice of meals costing less than a posh coffee!