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How to survive BBQ season on a diet

Hope you all have your sunnies ready because it’s finally that time of year! The temperatures start to peak over 15 degrees, there might be less chance of rain, the BBQ grills are fired and if you’re really quiet you can hear the gentle fizz of lemonade as it starts to fill the Pimms jug, mmm… tasty.

But do not fear, as we’re here! We know how difficult it can be staying on track with your diet while all of your family and friends are tucking into burgers, hot dogs and your granny’s potato salad. It might not be easy, but it’ll definitely be worth it when you can still zip up your shorts tomorrow.

This is where we come in. The 1:1 Diet have some great ideas for mixing it up and making your weight-loss Plan BBQ ready…

Firstly, try spicing up your daily protein allowance

You will literally be spoilt for choice when you discover all the delicious herbs and spices to choose from! Let your plate come alive with epic flavours like smoked paprika for Mexican vibes, five spice or ground ginger to take your taste buds to Asia and back or Indian curry spices that taste amazing on barbecues.

Don’t forget about the good old classic herbs like coriander, thyme and rosemary - they’re incredible for bringing out the flavours in meat and work like a treat on barbeques. Why not try a little squeeze of lemon or lime too? Lime tastes amazing with chilli flakes and lemon totally zings with ginger too. Easy peasy, lemon squeezey!

Don’t just stick to chicken either

Your protein allowance could come from turkey, Quorn, white fish or prawns – with so many exciting options you should never feel like you’re missing out!

You could also mix up kebab skewers with a range of colourful vegetables or even a lovely fresh side salad, you’ve got to make sure you get your five a day in there!

For those who's Step allows, you could whip yourself up a lovely dip to top your BBQ feast, simply add some chopped chives or mint to plain low fat (1%) yoghurt (amount according to your Step, check with your Consultant), yum!

Wait, did somebody just say cocktails? Why not make one of our delicious mocktails created by a professional mixologist using The 1:1 Diet water flavourings? There’s three tasty options to choose from;

Last not but the least, you want to finish off with a scrummy pudding. Steer clear of that dodgy looking trifle or the calorie laden ice creams being handed around. Why not go for one of these tasty options?

See our full range of tasty low calorie recipes here. If you’re looking for a personalised weight-loss Plan, hit the button below to find a Consultant!


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