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How to Get in the Zone

Lockdown weight gain has become one of the themes of this COVID pandemic. While many have gained weight over this time, lots of people have used the time to get into ‘the zone’, change their eating habits, and as a result, are in the best shape they’ve been in for many years – just check out some of the amazing success stories!

Lots of people started the new year with a new diet but, unfortunately, most will have gradually slipped back into their old habits.  We know that many people choose a new year’s diet on the advice of a friend or after doing some research on the internet. Unfortunately, the largest review studies of popular diets show that they don’t actually result in that much weight loss. Also, of the few diet studies lasting a year or more, most show that people start gaining most or all of the weight back.

If you can relate to that, don’t despair, you’re not alone, and you can still turn the tide and come out of lockdown at your best. Think of the start of February as New Year – take 2!

Here are some tips for getting in the zone this month:

Talk with your Consultant, friends and family, about your goals.

Support with any goal is key to its success. If you’ve set yourself a weight loss goal, why not find a local Consultant to help you smash it? We have thousands of Consultants all over the country, so don’t hesitate to reach out for a no-obligation chat to find out more.

Start your morning right.

We’ve got a whole blog dedicated to starting your morning right, but what better way than cooking yourself a healthy breakfast. Why not try our delicious Cinnamon French toast or a healthy cooked brekkie?  Setting your morning up right sets the tone for the rest of the day, making you more likely to stay on track.


Having a plan always helps you stay focussed and not lose sight of that end goal. Being on Plan with The 1:1 Diet requires minimal prep work and your Consultant can do this for you, so it takes the time and stress out of dieting. Of course, the key to our diet’s success is the ease and convenience of our products, and the expertise and support offered by Consultants. They work with their dieters to find out what will work best for that person, because they know that no two dieters are the same. Then they’ll implement our research-proven plan, help them set a goal and put the timelines for success in place.

Remember why you’ve set that weight loss goal.

Whether that’s for a positive mindset, or for your health and future, never forget that reason. Write it down. You Consultant will help keep you on track from day one.

Research has shown now that you’re more likely to catch COVID and much more likely to have severe COVID symptoms if you are overweight. Losing weight improves immunity, and nutritionally complete diets (like The 1:1 Diet) have been specifically studied for this effect.

We also know that diabetes is more common in obesity and has similar negative consequences when it comes to the disease. Fortunately, this is another area in which our diet could help. Over the past five years, four studies looking at the products we make and based upon our programme, have shown outcomes that have changed the way health professionals think about low-calorie diets and reversing type-2 diabetes. See more on the research.

So hopefully these handy hints and tips will give you a head-start this month in getting back on track with your New Year resolutions. If you’re looking to lose weight, why not find a Consultant to find the Step that’s right for you?