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top dieter pitfalls

Diet-beat-ease: Diabetes day alarm for 20m UK men

20 million British men unaware that obesity is a leading cause of type 2 diabetes according to new study

One Leap for Man Research Infographic

Male obesity in UK fuelled by fat-shaming

Over a third (32%) of the UK’s male population try to keep it a secret that they’re on a diet, according to new survey*. 


30 day plank challenge

The Plank – A simple, yet effective way to work your core (‘abs’). This ‘Challenge’ will transform the muscles of your midsection in 30 days!


The best fruits for weight loss

Once you hit Step 3, quite a few options open up and you can really put together a great daily menu that delivers maximum health, flavour and slimness. Part of this includes fruit!


Benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated

Why so much water? It helps with weight loss, hunger, metabolising and eliminating body fat and the nasty toxins that are stored in it.


Battle of the Sweeteners – are some sweeteners better than others?

This study shows that sucralose (the low-calorie sweetener we use) results in better change in body weight, as compared to aspartame, saccharin and stevia extract. Read about the battle of the Sweeteners here!

The One Magazine Competition Pormo

Win a personal styling and shopping experience

Lost weight and want your style mojo back so you feel fabulous every single day? Well here’s your chance to win a fantastic Style and Shopping Experience including wardrobe revitalisation, style guidance plus shopping, worth £595, with Abbey Booth!

running and walking group

Kick-start your running!

Come on guys! Let’s not wait around or make up any more excuses, it’s time to face your fitness fears now. Read about our running guide, featuring some amazing tips for beginners and newbies. You never know – you may just surprise yourself.


New Oxford University Study Reveals How To Effectively Lose Weight Long Term

A major trial has proven that a combination of Total Diet Replacement programmes (TDRs) and one-to-one support, could lead to better weight loss results than the usual NHS care route.

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Great research published

The Diabetes UK conference have presented some more fab research using tasty (and nutritious) products manufactured by us!

Join the #One2OneDietChallenge

Join the #One2OneDietChallenge

With the nice weather fast approaching (well, it’s supposed to be!), summer will soon be here. Like many others, you’re probably starting to think about losing weight...

Low calorie range

Have You Tried Our Lower Calorie Range?

You’ll notice amazing results on our Total Diet Replacement (TDR) Step, and with the personal support from your Consultant, you can reach your weight-loss target quickly!

Haway! Welcome aboard newbies. Top Tips

HAWAY! Welcome Aboard Newbies

AWAY! Welcome Aboard Newbies! First of all a massive congratulations taking the first step towards the new you!