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Top 10 Style Tips to Help Get Your Great Back

Research conducted by The 1:1 Diet found that almost half of UK adults now lack confidence in their appearance.

One in eight (13 per cent) of people attending an event are now concerned their outfit or dress may not fit because of weight gain. While only a mere 10 per cent say they feel great about how they look and integrating back into society, following months of lockdown.

A quarter of women surveyed admitted to feeling ‘really self-conscious’ about how other people view their appearance.

Here stylist, Lisa Talbot, shares her wardrobe staples and fashion tips for embracing self-confidence and getting your great back.

Lisa said: “A dress really is the ‘unsung hero’ of the wardrobe and there are so many great styles available this season. An empire line dress will give structure to your upper body and drops from just below the bust.

“This is incredibly flattering, highlighting your narrowest area. Or, as an alternative, maybe try a shift dress, which can be paired with accessories to create a defined torso to still create a lovely silhouette.”

Lisa’s other top tips are:

  1. Accentuate the neck. Choose an item with a lovely neckline to draw the eye upwards; this is a great way to encourage the visual appearance of a balanced body shape.

  2. Accessorize! Adding accessories such as a necklace or scarf is a perfect way to inject colour and texture to your outfit.

  3. Feature a garment that creates shape. Choosing an item of clothing that gives shape to the body is a great confidence booster! For example, incorporating a batwing sleeve into your look will create a flattering shape without clinging to areas like arms

  4. It’s all about the arms! When looking for a suitable sleeve choose one that finishes at the narrowest part of the arm as this is the most flattering

  5. Create an illusion. Stopping an item, whether it be a dress or a skirt on the narrowest part of your thigh or calf, creates a flattering illusion of a slimmer and longer leg.

  6. Choose a flattering fabric. When deciding on an item of clothing that will make you feel more comfortable, adopt a light fabric with a gentle wave which will move across the body without clinging to unwanted areas.

  7. Size does not matter! Clothes sizes vary among retailers, so ignore the number on the label and focus on the fit.

  8. Create structure around the torso. Either upsize or downsize to create a silhouette and emphasise the torso.

  9. Add a bit of flair. Wide-legged and flared trousers are not only a modern wardrobe staple but will help balance the lower body and hips.

  10.  Make a statement! Adding a statement piece to your wardrobe can boost your confidence and complete any outfit. Why not treat yourself to a classic pair of wedges? The wedge helps create balance to the lower leg and will create a focal point to your feet.