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Mother loses 8 stone & changes her life after a medical nightmare

Surrey-based mum-of-five, Deborah Adams, first learned of The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan before her wedding in 2013 after being unable to find a dress to fit.

A colleague recommended she try The 1:1 Diet and after only three months of being on Plan, Deborah had lost three-and-a-half stone. She then discovered she was pregnant and paused the diet.

Three months into her pregnancy, Deborah developed a blood clot in her lung. At seven months pregnant, a second blood clot in her lung forced Deborah into premature labour.

Once born, her son, Cruz, was placed into special care and Deborah was moved to a high dependency unit (HDU).

While in the HDU, the blood clot moved and Deborah had to be resuscitated. Her husband, Paul, spent the first weeks running back and forth between the two units.

During this very difficult period, she gained eight stone. Being stuck in a hospital bed and unable to move, food provided a comfort and treat for Deborah with friends and family bringing it in abundance when visiting.

When finally discharged, Deborah was at an all-time low. She’d been embarrassed at being weighed in a hospital corridor where she was told if she didn’t lose weight, she could have a heart attack. Emotionally and physically wrecked, Deborah’s mind immediately returned to The 1:1 Diet, which had really worked for her before.

‘‘I weighed in 20 stone and eight pounds. I was set on sticking to the plan,” she said. “ICU had scared me and I was determined I didn’t want to end up back there.

‘’I started off doing a combination of meal replacements and 200 calorie meals that I would prepare myself. Quite quickly after starting on plan, I began feeling myself coming back.

‘’The more weight I lost, the more I wanted to encourage people to do the same. Eight months later, I had lost eight stone.  My confidence grew and I began to shopping on the high street and wearing colours I never had the confidence to wear before, but the ultimate reward was being able to fit my wedding ring back on.

‘’Having changed my life I started to think there must be other people like me who needed the same one-to-one support I received. I qualified as a Consultant in September 2018 and have been helping others on their weight loss journeys ever since.’’