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Hazel Evans makes the cut with a four stone weight loss

Hazel Evans, 29, was used to grabbing snacks while on the go as a hairdresser. She would buy anything at lunchtime without really thinking about the consequences and the weight piled on.

Hazel said: “Working as a hairdresser can be pretty exhausting. You’re on your feet all day and I wasn’t taking care of myself, snacking when I could, in between appointments

“I’d heard about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan through my client at work and listened to other people’s weight-loss success stories. I contacted my Consultant, Sarah Hall, through a client at work, who had been on Plan and hit her target goal.

“I didn’t want to approach my 30’s overweight and unhealthy, plus I was keen to start a family so I took the plunge reached out to Sarah. We clicked instantly and she was so passionate about The 1:1 Diet that I knew I’d made the right decision.

“Sarah has checked in on me every day to make sure I’m focused, organised and remind me of all the reasons I’m doing this. I joined her Facebook group which has turned out to be more like an extended family.

“I’ve had loads of motivational support including countdown cards, rosettes, certificates, and even a lockdown weight loss rainbow magnet. Throughout lockdown, we’ve had virtual weigh-ins and I’ve had meal replacement products delivered to my door.

“I’ve found the Plan easy to follow and through Sarah’s help I’ve become so much more organised in how I prepare my meals. Before lockdown I pre-packed my products into daily bags, each morning and off I went to work with a full day’s food.

“I didn’t realise just how unhealthy I’d become but after 12 weeks of sticking to the diet and combining exercise as well as Sarah's motivational support, I’ve lost four stone and I walk a minimum of five miles a day. I had a weak hamstring which was weight-related which is now causing me no problems.

“My BMI has reduced by 10, my heart health is four years younger. I’m still working towards my last 12lb but together with my fitness coach with Sarah by my side, I can plan for a happy healthy future with my husband Dan.”

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