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Dieter Stories: Sue Batch - How to lose weight well

When Sue Batch was given The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan to follow on Channel 4’s How to Lose Weight Well programme (episode 3) last year, she expected to follow a diet of shakes only. 16 weeks later and almost three stones lighter, Sue was delighted with the meals she could eat on The 1:1 Diet…

“When my friend, Elaine Bodys, told me she’d put us both forward for Channel 4’s How to Lose Weight Well TV programme, I never thought they would choose us to take part.

“The show puts people, who want to lose weight, on various diets and our reason for wanting to go on it was because we both used to work in a hairdressing salon and were having a reunion. We’d worked there when we were in our 20s and size 10 and didn’t want to be seen as the ‘fat pair’ at the reunion.

“I’d put my weight on when I gave up smoking about 13 years ago. Instead of having a cigarette and coffee at the end of a meal, I started replacing it with a biscuit and cup of coffee and never felt I’d finished a meal unless I had that.

“We were picked for the programme and met the presenters in the café on the first day when they give us the diets we had been chosen to follow.

“We were both put on the 16-week diets. I was given The 1:1 Diet and Elaine was given the ‘ice-cream’ diet. We both had to keep a daily diet diary too.

“I had heard of The 1:1 Diet before but it was something I’d never tried because I thought it was all shakes. I never realised you could eat meals on it as well."

Having one-to-one support was key for Sue, who added: “My Consultants were Chris and Tracey Salton and they were fabulous. Tracey was always so helpful and kept me motivated throughout.

“Because I am 5ft 8ins I was allowed four products a day. I’d usually have a porridge for breakfast, a bar at lunchtime, a shake in the afternoon and something like Spaghetti Bolognese in the evening. It was really surprising to see the portion size compared to what I would normally have.

“I’m not very good at diets where you have to weigh things out so having everything ready to microwave or eat was perfect for me. I hate exercise too, so knowing I could do The 1:1 Diet without having to do that was great.

“I started out as a dress size 16 to 18 and am now a size 12, which I’m so pleased about. I still see Chris and Tracey. 

“I always used to wear long tops before to cover up my bottom, but now I feel confident wearing jeans and shorter tops.

“When we had the hairdressing reunion I felt absolutely fabulous too!”

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