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Sharon before and after weight loss

Sharon Charles-Cockerill has a new lease of life thanks to The 1:1 Diet

New grandmother celebrates incredible 6st 13lb stone weight loss and reversal of type 2 diabetes symptoms

Angela Osbourne before and after weightloss

Angela loses 10 stone and finds the love of her life

Angela’s life imploded when her partner left her after 14 years and her sister passed away. She’d lost confidence in herself until she found The 1:1 Diet.

ray sherali before and after weight loss

Ray Sherali is flying high after losing seven stone

Ray Sherali, 47, knew he had an unhealthy relationship with food, not helped by a sedentary job as a bus driver at Lothian Buses in Scotland.

Laura Rail before and after weight loss

Busy mum shifts seven stone and regains her confidence

Laura Rail, 42, lost her confidence when she suffered a series of health problems which made her seek solace in food.

Faye Gillies before and after weight loss

Slimmer turns life around with reversal of type 2 diabetes

Faye Gillies celebrates an incredible seven stone weight loss and reverses her symptoms of type 2 diabetes following The 1:1 Diet.

Paul Williams before and after

Former DJ is a new man after reversing his type 2 diabetes

Paul Williams loses four stone and reverses his symptoms of type 2 diabetes following The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

James weight loss before and after

James lost 7st walking his way to fitness with help from friend and Consultant Carol

James Grasby, 38, had always struggled with his weight, but when new puppy Sherlock came along, he knew something had to be done.

Tracey Barr weight loss before and after

World Health Day: Slimmer celebrates incredible six stone weight loss

Tracey Barr has turned her life around with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

Shyam Bhatt weight-loss before and after

Slimmer no longer ‘hides’ under baggy clothes

Shyam Bhatt turns his life around after losing six stone and maintaining for four years with The 1:1 Diet.

Claire Goulding weight-loss before and after

Becoming a mum was a magical gift for Claire

Former make-up artist to the stars, Claire Goulding, turned to The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan after putting weight on following IVF.

Katy North before and after weight loss

Super busy mum of four loses baby weight and regains her confidence

Katy North, busy mum of four, was struggling to shift her baby weight after having her daughter. She decided enough was enough and with the help of The 1:1 Diet, lost over three and a half stone

Bridgette Schofield before and after

Life begins again for Bridgette

Check out this inspirational weight-loss transformation! Bridgette had spent the last few years looking after her husband until he suddenly passed away. But when she lost her husband David, she realised she had lost herself too.

Dan Gallop before and after weight loss

Fit for anything

Dan Gallop’s a new man now he’s lost six stones...

Gemma Renwick before and after weightloss

Super Star Consultant, Gemma Renwick’s Recipe for Success

We celebrate International Women’s Day by looking at Gemma Renwick’s path to success. She lost three stone on Plan and was so impressed with the diet she became a full-time Consultant running her own successful business.

Aby dingle weight loss before and after

Aby loses six-and-a-half stone for dream wedding

Bride-to-be Aby Dingle feared she wouldn’t be able to walk down the aisle. Now, having lost an impressive six and a half stone, she has celebrated her dream wedding, and has gone on to inspire others on their journey to self-confidence, as a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Beth and Bex before and after

Dynamic duo Beth and Bex turn their lives around

Couple rediscover their love of health and fitness after following The 1:1 Diet.

John Peate weight-loss before and after

John loses ten and a half stone following life changing accident

John Peate turned his health around with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan after motorbike injuries led to weight gain.

Aileen Gray before and after

Tram ticket inspector no longer needs to wear men’s uniform

Aileen Gray is celebrating her five stone weight loss and new found confidence