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Melanie proves it possible to lose weight on The 1:1 Diet and keep it off

Maintainer winner, Melanie Saunders, proves it is possible to lose weight on The 1:1 Diet and keep it off.

Monthly support from her Consultant gives Melanie a vital touchpoint in her determination to keep her weight manageable and at target.

Melanie lost almost three stone on The 1:1 Diet and has maintained that weight loss for almost seven years.

“The 1:1 Diet gave me control and success,” said mum-of-three Melanie, 44. “I was coached every step of the way and began to develop a new and healthy relationship with food that gave me back my life. I lost nearly three stone in under five months, including holidays!”

Losing weight enabled Melanie to take a new direction with her career as an executive primary school headteacher.

“My career soared as my mindset was so positive and felt like I could take on the world.”

Losing pounds gave Melanie more confidence, happiness and energy.

“Suddenly, I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw. I bought clothes that fit and that I loved. Changing rooms didn’t scare me any more, neither did photos with friends. Suddenly, I was proud to be in the photo.”

And she managed to carry on with her weight loss quest while going through a marriage breakdown, which left her alone with her children.

“To say I was scared was an understatement.

“It would have been easy to lose myself and end up hating myself again, but I thought’ I have no idea what’s ahead of me and I have no control over that, but the one thing I do have control over is what I put in my mouth’.”

Melanie carried on seeing Fran, who helped her manage her weight.

“I maintained my weight loss through the divorce, house sale and move. A real achievement in the grand scheme of things.”

Melanie began to build a new family home with her children.

“I was proud I had hung on to my identity and my own self-worth and I was building my life from a good base.”

And she found love with someone who shares the same vision for life and value.

“We spent time outside bike riding, walking, hiking and going to the gym. He helped me grow my new love for life and over time we fell in love. He made me feel adored and loved for who I was. We had our challenges . . . blending two families was difficult and presented its own issues. But as we had absolute clarity on what we wanted to achieve, we pulled together and got there.

“I can’t thank Fran and The 1:1 Diet enough.”