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Job satisfaction galore!

The 1:1 Diet is a lovely, passionate and profitable group of people who provide dedicated support, flexible weight-loss Plans and yummy products. If you're somebody who wants to work for themselves, at hours that suit you, while helping people achieve their goals, then you'll definitely enjoy being a Consultant.

Help others change their lives for the better

As a Consultant, you have the opportunity to change people's lives for the better - whether that's seeing your recruited team members' businesses fly, or helping dieters achieve their weight-loss goals. On our blog we've got loads of weight-loss successes, and booming business stories to give you insight as to what being a Consultant can really do for yourself and others.

Help dieters reach their goals, and live happier, healthier lives

Guide dieters through the Steps, supporting them along the way and celebrating their milestones with them as they get closer to their goals. Using the Steps Booklet and lots of other tools provided by Head Office, you can help educate them to lead a healthier lifestyle so they can go on to maintain their new, fabulous self. What's unique about the The 1:1 Diet is the one-to-one support that a Consultant can offer - dieters don't get support like that from many other places!

Pass on the business opportunity and get paid to help others succeed in business

As a Consultant, you can Sponsor new team members to take under your wing and show them the ropes to becoming brilliant diet Consultants themselves. As a Sponsor, it's your responsibitlity to encourage and advise your team on how to build the business they want. Your team's success will be your success and will make you so proud! So as your team grows and becomes successful, so does your income, it's a win-win!

“Being a Consultant for over five years has shown me what true job satisfaction is. I am my own boss, I have no one to answer to, but at the same time I have a fantastic group of Consultant friends, a wonderful team of my own, not forgetting my Sponsor. Not many jobs allow such flexibility. The 1:1 Diet has given me a career that I absolutely love.”

Liz, The 1:1 Diet Consultant

More questions? No problem

Still not found what you're after?

Contact a Consultant and they will be able to answer any questions you have.

What's a Sponsor?

To start your journey as a Consultant, you need to find a Consultant who will Sponsor you. A Sponsor is somebody who is already an accredited Consultant and has completed further training to become a Sponsor so they can build their team.

Statutory Wealth Warning

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

We are proud members of the Direct Selling Association and uphold the code of conduct. To find out more, read What is direct selling.