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Hi, we're Jade & Eleanor !

"Failure is not an option"

**********Your big OPPORTUNITY may be right where you are now**********

Hi – I’m Eleanor and I help people fight the War on Fat whilst making a good income on their own terms.

I have been in business my whole life, fronting multi-million-pound service businesses & getting start-ups off the ground, but nothing has ever given me more satisfaction than helping people change their lives through healthy, sustainable weight loss.

I realised I could help more people by building a team of weight loss consultants, teaching them how to start their own businesses so they can do what I did.

  • Be Your Own Boss – You will have all the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, plus guidance, products, and a plan to make your business fly.
  • Choose Your own Hours – Work when you want, earn what you want.  You pick your hours, and you pick if you want to earn £100, £1000 or more!
  • Help Others get Healthy – The best bit? You get to do all of this, with the added benefit of really helping people change their lives for the better.

So if you would .....

  • Like to make a little more on the side or
  • Like this to be a secondary income or
  • Like this to be your full time income or
  • Earn an unlimited residual Income

Then please give me a call on 07921 671108 or send me an email to and I will give you all the information that you need.

You can also book your 30 Minute information call at a time to suit you, using the following link:

Whatever brought you here, I'm here for you and I'm ready to help in whatever way I can.

I look forward to welcoming you to our team!

Kindest Regards

Eleanor xx

You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want - Zig Ziglar

How I changed my Life with The 1:1 Diet - Now let me help you!