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Hi, we're Sarah & Simon !

I’ve been a Consultant for over 10 years and have loved every minute. It seriously changed my life! From working full time in a sales role, hating the long hours and travel and low pay and not to mention the time away from my kids. To then quickly building a big business working from home, earning 2 to 3 times my original income, all while doing a job I genuinely love, helping people reach their goals.

I get to spend quality time with my family, from the little things like walking them to school, never missing a school play or trip. Never having to ask my boss for time off. Not panicking if they're ill or who'll have them in the school holidays. Always having money to take them on holiday or do nice things with them.

Financially it changed my life too! I was able to pay off my major debts. We were able to extend our house, buy a lodge in Wales, have nicer cars etc BUT most importantly, to be more financially secure and help our children as they grow up.

The company has recognised me and my business by awarding me numerous incentives. Top 50 Consultant, North West Regional Consultant of the Year and Diamond, Gold Elite & Gold Champion status. With amazings trips to Madeira, Cyprus, South Africa, Sri-Lanka, Marbella, Marrakesh & Montenegro. I also have had the privilege of being the Consultant to Slimmer of the Year Runner finalists.

This role offers you so much - Opportunity, Training, Flexibility, Recognition and Rewards, not to mention uncapped earning potential but what’s more, this will also give you an opportunity to shape your own future. 

With such low start up fees, you really haven't got anything to lose.

You need to be UK or Ireland based, however you can see your clients virtually from any where in the world. You can work from home, an office or your car! Anywhere!

Training Courses are provided via Zoom each week

I know setting up your own business can be scary, I was terrified but we have an amazing supportive team, with lots of social and business stuff to get involved in. I really have made some amazing friends along the way. Our consultants community is fab and I'll be with you every step of the way.

Contact me today for more info 07905863285

What have you got to lose?