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Hi, I'm Lorraine!

hi i'm lorraine.

I am back!!!! and i cant wait to start helping you to lose those extra lbs for your special occassion or starting that new job but before i do i want to fill you in on my own journey so get yourself a cuppa and get comfy,

i first became a consultant in 2016 after losing just over 5 stone in 18 months, i was and still am a zumba instructor, i was so happy and had such wonderful clients who like you and me they wanted or needed to lose weight and many of them did very successfully, then i became very ill unable to do the everyday tasks i couldnt understand what was happening to me, i felt devastated that i had gained my weight back from not being able to get around.

my life had changed massively i was not able to persue my career as a consultant or a zumba instructor infact i felt like my life had stopped, i was suddenly faced with a long list of health issues, i wasnt me anymore, diagnosed with underactive thyroid, plantar fasciitus in both feet, menopause, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, it was like someone had set of a time bomb, my anxieties were astronomical and my memory was appauling to say the least.

my gp was and still is amazing and thanks to her putting me on medication i started to stabalise then covid 19 made its appearance like a tornado it ripped into everyones lives including mine, i was dealt the blow of losing my mom and her brother in the same week of 18th feb 21 and greif and depression took over.

one year on with the help of my fantastic consultant / sponsor lisa maidment  i am losing my weight and in full control of my life again I AM TRULY BACK !!!!!!!! and my clients are so happy that they to are going to get back their control and reach their own weight loss goals.

give me a call or a message and i will help and support you through your journey to lose the extra weight , after all what have you got to lose except the lbs, you might have any one of the conditions that i have and need that extra support from someone who knows and understands 100% what your going through, give me a call.

a piece of my life

Height: 5' 2" Time to lose: 18 mnths Time maintained: 4 yrs
From 15 stones 2 lbs
To 10 stones

do it now, sometimes later becomes never.