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Losing weight well was easy for Essex slimmer Sue

Published: 19th November, 2019

Essex dieter Sue Batch appears on Channel 4’s primetime show, How to Lose Weight Well, on Monday, January 22, at 8pm, testing out Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP).

Married mother-of-two Sue, 54, lost almost three stones on CWP with help from her Essex-based diet consultants, Chris and Tracey Salton.

How to Lose Weight Well, presented by Dr Xand van Tulleken, road tests different diets every week and gets slimmers to try them out for a bit of friendly competition.

Sue’s friend, Elaine Bodys, had put them both forward to take part in the programme because they both wanted to lose weight for a hairdressers’ reunion.

“We’d worked at a salon together when we were in our 20s and size 10 and didn’t want to be seen as the ‘fat pair’ at the reunion, which was taking place in Elaine’s salon,” explained Sue.

“I never thought we’d be picked to take part but we were and met the presenter in the café on the first day, when they gave us the diets we had been chosen to follow.

“We were both put on the 16-week diets. I was given Cambridge Weight Plan and Elaine was given the ‘ice-cream’ diet. We both had to keep a daily diet diary too.”

When Sue was given the CWP diet, she expected to be given shakes only.

“I had heard of Cambridge Weight Plan before but it was something I’d never tried because I thought it was all shakes. I never realised you could eat meals as well on it,” said Sue.

“I’m not very good at diets where you have to weigh things out so having everything ready to microwave or eat was perfect for me. I hate exercise too, so knowing I could do CWP without having to do that was great.”

CWP Consultant Tracey Salton said it was an honour and pleasure to be asked to represent CWP in How to Lose Weight Well.

She said: “We were introduced to Sue by the film crew and we hit it off straight away. 

“She was a real gem to work with. She stuck to Plan - four products a day, then Step 2, then Step 3 for maintenance - and it was lovely to educate her and the film crew about CWP, and let them know it wasn't just shakes!”

Having one-to-one support was key for Sue, who added: “My consultants, Chris and Tracey Salton, were fabulous. Tracey was always so helpful and kept me motivated throughout.

“Because I am 5ft 8ins I was allowed four products a day and would usually have a CWP porridge for breakfast, then a bar at lunchtime, a shake in the afternoon and something like spaghetti Bolognese in the evening. It was really surprising to see the portion size compared to what I would normally have.

 “I started out as a dress size 16 to 18 and am now a size 12, which I’m so pleased about. I still see Chris and Tracey, especially after Christmas when I’d put a few pounds back on. I’m back on Plan now though and back on track.”

Tracey said the whole experience was brilliant from start to finish.

“We have gained a wonderful client and now a lovely friend in the process . . . and hopefully educated a few more people when they see the TV programme,” she said.

And Sue, who lost 31 inches and dropped her BMI from 29.8 to a healthy 24.8, said losing weight has given her so much more confidence.

“I always used to wear long tops before to cover up my bottom, but now I feel confident wearing jeans and shorter tops,” she said.

“When we had the hairdressing reunion I felt absolutely fabulous too!”

Notes to editors

  • Cambridge Weight Plan was founded in 1984 as The Cambridge Diet.
  • Its products have been manufactured in Corby since 1986.
  • In 2009, following extensive consumer research, Cambridge Diet was rebranded Cambridge Weight Plan
  • In 2014, Cambridge Weight Plan Ltd became a company fully owned by its employees
  • Today, Cambridge Weight Plan Ltd manufactures Cambridge Weight Plan products.
  • In the UK, the company sells and markets the Cambridge Weight Plan brand through independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants.
  • Around the world, Cambridge Weight Plan is sold through an extensive distributor network and products are exported to 40 countries.
  • For more information, contact Ruth Supple, PR & Events Manager, on 01536 403344 or email