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Type 2 diabetes and diet What’s the link?

There is no clear diet for diabetes, but we’ve pulled together what we know about how The 1:1 Diet can help.

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Type 2 diabetes (the most common form) is a disease caused by a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet. The vast majority of diabetics are overweight or obese because the same lifestyle that causes one, causes the other. What this means of course, is that for most people, if you treat obesity with weight loss, you improve diabetes.

So, where does The 1:1 Diet fit in?

Well, the symptoms of type 2 diabetes can be lessened or even reversed, which has been demonstrated in several studies using the products we make and based on our Plan. You won’t find a more research-proven diet than The 1:1 Diet, just take a look:

More recently, there has been more research that not only backs this up but actually shows an even stronger effect. 61% of subjects in a study published in The Lancet medical journal in 2020 were able to put their diabetes into remission. In doing so, they also lost an average of nearly two stone.

There's heaps of research available on our Supported by research webpage. 

The 1:1 Diet weight-loss Plan

What’s brilliant about The 1:1 Diet is alongside the Plan, you’ll get personal support from your very own diet Consultant.

The 1:1 Diet Plan has six Steps, but a Consultant will create the perfect journey for you, so you can dance through them, or step past some! They’ll be your cheerer-onner throughout, keeping you on track.

And of course, all our meal replacement bars, shakes, soups and more are nutritionally complete to keep your weight-loss diet balanced. Plus, they’re super tasty and there’s a huge range.

Sounds brilliant, right?


Here are just a few of our fabulous dieters who have seen a positive impact on their diabetes with the help of weight loss:

Couple lose over seven stone together and reverse type 2 diabetes

Renee McBride and Bruce Elliott turn their lives around after losing weight with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

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Dad-of-two Luke loses four stone to improve his health

Luke Parry celebrated reversing his type 2 diabetes through weight loss on a total diet replacement (TDR) programme with The 1:1 Diet

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Sharon Charles-Cockerill has a new lease of life thanks to The 1:1 Diet

New grandmother celebrates incredible 6st 13lb stone weight loss and reversal of type 2 diabetes symptoms

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