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  • We offer free consultations
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  • We work from home
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  • We offer daytime consultations
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  • We accept Healthcare vouchers

Hi, we're Vanessa & Martin !

FREE Private Consultations


If you're looking to kickstart your weight loss journey, you’re in the right place!

Here's what you can achieve:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Rock those smaller clothes
  • Follow a super easy eating plan
  • Shed those extra pounds fast and keep them off
  • Enjoy all the awesome health benefits


We're here to offer you:

  • A warm and judgment-free welcome
  • Our 100% commitment to helping you crush your goals
  • As much support as you want
  • Tips, hacks, and tasty recipes to help you reach and maintain your goal
  • Flexible appointments that work for your schedule
  • A personalised plan that fits YOUR lifestyle
  • Wallet-friendly options, plus some extra incentives and inspiration
  • An array of low-calorie recipes to keep things tasty

Our Story:

I'd been dealing with my own set of challenges – limited mobility, chronic pain, and pesky meds that can make you gain weight. I was also waiting for a big operation, my weight made me worry over anesthesia and leaving our kids behind.

My husband, Martin, used to be super active but packed on some pounds during lockdown and couldn't fit into his clothes anymore.

We get it, life's busy, especially when you're parents. But we decided something had to change!

Long story short, we stumbled upon The 1:1 Diet, which works wonders for our lives, health issues, and gives us a much-needed energy boost!

Even with several medical conditions, I've dropped over 7 stone – that's a whopping 17 inches off my waist! Martin, a trained chef and singer, is loving it too. It's the perfect solution for his on-the-go lifestyle with quick and convenient products.

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Now, it's your turn to share YOUR story, and let us be your biggest cheerleaders in reaching YOUR GOALS!!

We've got the know-how and experience to help you get there!



You DON’T have to:

  • Eat anything you don't like – we've got a variety of products
  • Commit or join anything – no strings attached
  • Attend awkward group meetings – our sessions are confidential
  • Leave your house if you'd rather not – we'll deliver your meals to your doorstep


Remember, it's not just about losing weight; it's about gaining a better life!

GET IN TOUCH TODAY! What's the worst that could happen?

And hey, there's even the chance to become a consultant, just like us!

7 stone lost!

Height: 5' 5" Time to lose: 1 year Time maintained: Feb 23
From 17 stones 7 lbs
To 10 stones 7 lbs

I had to buy new clothes!

Height: 5' 10" Time to lose: 18 weeks Time maintained: Sept 21
From 15 stones 8 lbs
To 11 stones 12 lbs

Against all odds, I defied my health challenges and achieved weight loss success. You can too!