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Cracking Christmas on a diet

We know that the festive season is an extremely difficult time when trying to stay on Plan – there are so many temptations and seasonal treats on offer that at times it can be hard to resist over indulging! However, Christmas on a diet doesn’t need to be stressful – we have plenty of tips and inspiring success stories to keep you focused this winter.

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Here are a few of our top festive tips to help you stay on track this Christmas...


Our Plan offers you a personal diet Consultant, who will be your very own cheerer-onner this Christmas and beyond! They’ll give you tonnes of advice, recipe ideas and lots of delicious products – everything you’ll need to help tackle your Christmas diet plan, even if that just means a quick phone call that provides a heap of motivation!

Take it day by day

It can be tempting to do a huge Christmas food shop in preparation for the big day – however, our advice is to avoid this, as it will only result in lots of temptation every time you open the fridge. Instead, only buy food that you need for the week ahead, meaning you are less likely to be tempted to overindulge.

Online food shopping

The best way to stick to your list is to shop online – this can prevent any of those last-minute buys that sneak into our trollies!


A great way to stay on track and lift your mood is through exercise. Staying active over the holidays can burn some extra calories too – this doesn’t mean you have to start a strict regime; it can just be some small tweaks to your everyday lifestyle! Take a look at Why walking is great for your health and the Sofa workout, for just a couple of ideas.

Watch your portion sizes

An easy way to slip up during the festive period is overeating. Our top tip to avoid this is to use a smaller plate, so that you are not able to over-fill it with an unnecessary amount of food. Little changes like this will make all the difference when trying on your Christmas party dress!


Christmas is great for table nibbles in the evening. However, you can end up consuming a lot of calories in a short amount of time (just 10 peanuts add up to a staggering 59kcal and 5g of fat!). Instead, stock the fridge with lots of fresh veg – perfect for snacking which will really help curb your cravings!

Keeping accountable

Something that helps people stay on the wagon is keeping accountable! Support from others, and being able to check in daily, weekly or even monthly, can really support achieving a goal. Join the #One2OneDietChallenge and see what you can achieve in a set timeframe! Establish your goals, download our 30-day calendar, and off you go.

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