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What could a week on Plan look like for you?

Thinking of starting on Plan but want to know what your day might look like? Well look no further. Looking at our menu of meal replacement products, we’ve put together some scrummy examples to showcase how a day on Plan will never get boring!

When you start on The 1:1 Diet, the Plan is tailored to you. Your personal diet Consultant will work with you to find the best Step to suit you and your lifestyle. And it’s not set-in stone either, because of course every plan may have to change and adapt as you do!

With over 35 meal replacement products to choose from, hundreds of tasty recipes on our blog, and that all important one-to-one support, weight loss can be a breeze. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or you’re a savoury fan - from chocolate to pasta, we’ve got you covered.

A huge variety of choice:

So, what could just one day on Plan look like? Below are just some examples of choice you could make, to suit your personal taste. Here we’re focusing on just Step 1B, Step 2 and Step 3 of the Plan:

Sweet tooth? Here’s what Step 1B could look like for you:

  1. Breakfast – Golden Syrup Porridge

  2. Mid-morning – Strawberry & Apple Bar

  3. Lunch – Strawberry Flavour Shake

  4. Dinner - Lemon Yoghurt Bar

Chocoholic? We’ve got your meal replacement products covered on this Step 2 example:

  1. Breakfast – Chocolate Shake ‘N’ Go

  2. Mid-Morning – Salted Caramel Bites

  3. Lunch – Veg Chilli with Potato Wedges & Rice Step Up® Meal (not chocolate, but still delicious!)

  4. Dinner – Chocolate Chewy Bar


Not a fan of sweet stuff? No problem. Here’s what a more savoury day on Step 3 could look like:

  1. Breakfast – Poached Eggs and Stir-Fried Spinach

  2. Mid-Morning – Cappuccino Flavour Shake

  3. Lunch – Mixed Leaf Salad

  4. Afternoon - Vegetable Soup with Croutons

  5. Dinner – Broccoli Mac and Cheese



Make sure you check out the Steps webpage for more information on each Step, or even better, speak to a Consultant for a no-obligation chat.

But what could a weekly diet plan look like?

Your Consultant will work with you to find the Step that’s the best fit for you. The Step you’re on will decide how many meal replacement products you’ll have vs. healthy low-calorie recipes.

Here’s a menu of what Step 2 of the Plan (three meal replacement products from The 1:1 Diet and a healthy 200kcal homecooked meal) could look like for a week:



Banana Flavour Shake


Vegetable Soup with Croutons


Chocolate Chewy Bar


Beef Casserole Step Up® Meal



 Cappuccino Flavour Shake


 Chicken Tikka Style Curry


 Fruit & Nut Bar


 Veggie Chilli with Potato Wedges Step Up® Meal


Morning - Chocolate Shake ‘N’ Go
Lunch - Salted Caramel Bites
Afternoon - Healthy blog recipe - Salt and Pepper Chicken 
Dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese Flavour Pasta


Morning - Strawberry & Apple Bar
Lunch - Chicken & Mushroom Flavour Soup
Afternoon - Blueberry Bites
Dinner - Healthy blog recipe - One-pot veggie sausages and beans


Morning - Healthy blog recipe - Egg and Bacon Breakfast Muffin 
Lunch - Cherry & Strawberry Smoothie
Afternoon - Chocolate Chewy Bar
Dinner - Macaroni Cheese Pasta


Morning - Mixed Berry Porridge
Lunch - Chocolate & Orange Fusion bar
Afternoon - Green Pesto Flavour Pasta
Dinner- Chicken Casserole Step Up® Meal


Morning - Latte Shake ‘N’ Go
Lunch - Thai Green Style Curry with Noodles
Afternoon- Chocolate Mint Flavour Shake
Dinner - Healthy blog recipe - Flash-in-the-pan fish fillets

The possibilities are endless, but hopefully this gives you a mouth-watering insight into what The 1:1 Diet has to offer. Bye-bye complicated meal prep!

To find out more about the products, visit the meals and food page.

For recipe inspo, check out the recipes on our blog!

If you’re looking to start your weight-loss journey, find a Consultant today.

A day on The 1:1 Diet Plan