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Watch here as The 1:1 Diet features on live national television on GB News

Last weekend, The 1:1 Diet featured on live national television. Talking about our successful diet, the interview explained how our weight-loss products can contribute towards improving many health problems that the nation see today.

The interview, shown live on GB News, featured The 1:1 Diet Nutritionist Mark Gilbert, and former slimmer turned Consultant Deborah Adams, being interviewed by Ellie Costello and Peter Andre.

They began by discussing how 77% of Brits are unaware that losing weight can reduce the risk of fertility problems and type two diabetes. It was also highlighted that only 14% of people know that weight loss can benefit menopausal symptoms.

Our nutritionist, Mark Gilbert, shared key research about how losing weight can help improve many health problems, for example, diabetes, fertility problems and menopausal symptoms. He also discussed the health benefits of the diet, and the recent Weight of the Nation survey.

Following Mark's segment, the amazing slimmer and Consultant Deborah Adams talked about how she has lost 8st with The 1:1 Diet which transformed her life. Talking openly about her own struggles, Deborah delved into what made her want to lose weight at the beginning of her journey. Pregnancy complications, clothes not fitting, wedding ring issues, and photos with her family led her towards The 1:1 Diet. Her journey is a magnificent one, and you can read more about it here.

Watch the TV segment below.

Credit: GB News



What is a "health benefit"?

Each of our fantastic nutritionally complete meals contains 169 health benefits. Here, we explore further what those benefits are, about the nutrients and how they work for you, and finally, how they'll help you through your weight-loss journey.

When you hear the terms 'high in fibre’ and ‘high in protein’, these are ‘nutrition claims’ – they refer to the amount of a beneficial nutrient found in food and if it meets the required threshold to be called ‘high in’ or ‘source of’ (or ‘low in’ for undesirable nutrients). A ‘health claim’ refers to the benefit of a nutrient to health – Eg: ‘Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress’. There's a register (found here) that keeps a record of each item, and explains in detail what that benefit is. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) and the (FSA) are governing boards that aim to keep consumers educated and safe.

Landmark Research on Diabetes

Recently, the DiRECT study, based upon our products and Plan, has changed the way doctors and dietitians all around the world think about the reversal of diabetes. You can read the full research here 

Huge NHS Pilot Study Based Upon Our Plan

In fact, based upon the incredible results of DiRECT, the NHS and Diabetes UK have commissioned a pilot Type 2 diabetes remission study of 5000 patients.

Largest Ever Diabetes Prevention Study

Our products and Plan were also used successfully in the largest ever, multi-national study of diabetes prevention.

Study Subjects Keep Using The 1:1 Diet

All of the above studies resulted in over 10 kilos of weight loss and in the recent DROPLET weight-loss study, subjects again lost more than 10 kilos and improved multiple markers of health.

Subjects were so impressed with the diet plan, that 62 per cent of them continued The 1:1 Diet at their own expense at the end of the study and have maintained their weight loss for a third year running