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The 1:1 Diet Award Winner

Mum-of-four Amy Bingham lost an incredible six stone 7 pounds with the one-to-one support of Consultant Chloe Savage.

Now the fun-loving duo from Essex are celebrating being announced joint winners of The 1:1 Diet Award at our annual Slimmer Awards.

“OMG. We were jumping for joy and felt this category was made for us. Obviously, there’s other brilliant people. Our friendship and bond has grown from The 1:1 Diet. Chloe has changed my life,” said Amy.

Had it not been for Chloe following Amy’s journey to build a shed on Instagram, the two may never have met.

“We met on Instagram where Amy has a big following,” said Chloe, who lost nine stone on The 1:1 Diet.  “She built a shed, which she documented on there, and I messaged her saying ‘well done’.”

Amy added: “Chloe kept saying we should meet up and remember saying to my husband ‘she’s a bit strange’ but then, when we met up through mutual friends, she was alright!”

Chloe took a The 1:1 Diet bar with her to their meeting and Amy asked what she was eating.

“Chloe said to me ‘I dare you to try the diet for one week’, so I did. I lost 12 pounds in that first week and here we are a year later,” said Amy, whose children are aged between 13 and one.  “I thought I would never be able to do it in a month of Sundays. I thought I’d last an afternoon. She came round to my house and dropped stuff off.

“I thought she had a freezer of chicken tikkas and hadn’t realised they were ready made!”

The one-to-one support Chloe gave Amy was what got her through.

“I voice noted Amy motivational messages and, week by week, Amy took her photos in her underwear and it was remarkable to watch her change,” said mum-of-two Chloe. “To see her bloom into this person she is now is incredible.”

Amy added: “I knew Chloe was constantly there helping me. I would voice note and say ‘ I’m really struggling today; what should I do?’ She knew where I’d come from, what I’d been through and was constantly encouraging me.

“Without that support I’d have gone off track a million miles.”

Amy started on Plan in lockdown.

“I thought it would be a good idea as I’d got nothing else to do in lockdown. My baby was six months old when I started. I didn’t moan because me losing weight was better and made me feel so much better. I didn’t realise it until it happened.”

Amy started on Step 1b and then she did Step 2. She said losing the weight has changed her life tenfold.

“I am able to take my children out all the time now whereas before I couldn’t do it on my own. Trampolining has a weight limit of 18 stone, now I do all that with them. The general quality of life is so much better than before. It took Chloe to help me for me to realise it.”

Amy’s weight battle began when she had to care for her mum - who suffered from multiple sclerosis - while her dad went out to work.

“I was constantly round their house, snacking, and I struggled with my mental health terribly. When they both died I put on more weight, through grieving, and put on weight in my pregnancies.

“My mum was always telling me I’d got a bit porky and would be saying ‘come on Amy, you don’t want to be like this’. If my mum, especially, could see me now, she would be amazed I’ve stuck to something. When I was bigger, I was always putting things off.”

Chloe advised Amy to become a Consultant and she’s shooting for the stars with that, reaching Diamond level on The 1:1 Diet's Pathway to Success in a matter of months.

“Amy said she would come over and help me box stuff up when restrictions had been lifted,” said Chloe. “I said ‘you should become a Consultant’.

Amy said: “I have a high social media following. I was directing people to Chloe and she was seeing over 200 followers a week. It was crazy; between us it was mental.

“In March, I said to my husband ‘I need some help, this is too much for me; something has to give’, so he gave up his job and in April, I said ‘this is the month I’m going to become Diamond and I did’.

Chloe added: “Amy has smashed it and I’m so proud of her. We go walking a lot together, three or four times a week. We write down ideas of what we want to do with the business.

“I thank my lucky stars I’ve met Amy and been her Consultant. Someone I can share my highs and lows with; she has become my best friend. I know she is going to say ‘you’re so Disney’.

“Now our husbands and us go out together and we’re best mates. They’ve all become Consultants.”

And, as for the shed, Amy’s had to build another one in her garden.

“It’s become the pink shed of dreams. People come far and wide to see it. I needed a big shed for all the products and turned it into a home office.

“If Chloe hadn’t messaged me about my shed I would still be 18 stone.”

To find out more about the business opportunity visit the become a Consultant webpage. 

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