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Super slimmer siblings start new business during COVID-19 outbreak

When Ekow Quartey, a trained Shakespearean actor performing at The Globe Theatre, found himself out of work due to the pandemic last spring, he joined forces with his sister, Araba Coxon, and utilised the opportunity to train as a Consultant with The 1:1 Diet.

The brother and sister duo, from London, were first introduced to The 1:1 Diet when they started the diet Plan for themselves. They lost an incredible 13st 13lbs between them, with the support of their Consultant Deborah.

Ekow said: “Being an actor gives you natural confidence, which has been really helpful when it comes to being a Consultant and promoting yourself to potential clients.

“I learnt so much from Debbie when I joined The 1:1 Diet as a slimmer in 2019, as I’d gained a lot of weight from late night, post-show snacking and Debbie gave me some fantastic advice about what triggers my eating.

“I couldn’t have done it without her, or the support from Araba, and I wanted to be able to help other slimmers achieve their own weight-loss goals.”

The pair have found being Consultants has fitted into their lives with ease, giving them the much-needed freedom to work in the best way for them.

Araba said: “It has been great to share this experience with my brother as we’ve navigated setting up our own business and in a global pandemic too!

“It gives us flexibility and freedom and means we can work hours that suit us - whether that’s virtual one-to-ones with our clients or in-person meetings when the lockdown lifts. It also means Ekow will be able to continue being a Consultant when the theatres re-open.”

“We’d never considered becoming entrepreneurs before this, but we couldn’t have done it without Debbie helping us along the way.

“We began our business by reaching out to friends and family via WhatsApp and things slowly began to take off. Debbie set us a challenge to speak to three people that we didn’t know every day about the diet and talk about our journey.

“We are naturally very warm, friendly and approachable people, who have been through our own journey, and want to inspire and transform people’s lives. As our confidence grew, we gradually built our client base up and now have about 20 dieters on our books.

Ekow added: “This business is something we can build together, scale up or scale down; it’s ours and no one can take it away.

“There’s an exciting future ahead and we’re lucky to have this business and a very special partnership.

“We’d encourage anyone who is looking for a fantastic flexible job that is helping others to achieve their goals to consider becoming The 1:1 Diet Consultants!”

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