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Secondary school teacher uses lockdown to turn her life around

County Louth-based Fianait has found many positives over lockdown, celebrating a three stone three pounds weight loss transformation and even starting her own business as the first Consultant in her area.

Fianait was keen to adopt a healthier lifestyle, allowing her to feel her best for her big day, which took place last December.

The 32-year-old said: “I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. My wedding day and being able to find a dress I felt amazing in was definitely a catalyst for me when it came to making the decision to take control of my weight.

“I initially tried my dress on in August 2019, and while it was my dream dress, I felt very self-conscious in it – that’s not what you want on your wedding day! The size 18 was very tight so I ordered it in a size 20 as I was afraid I wouldn’t lose the weight.

“Although I knew that bridal sizes often ran smaller and I tried to reassure myself with that, I knew I wanted to lose some weight – not just as a wedding dress diet, but for the long term. I wanted to be able to maintain the weight loss and learn healthier habits that I could stick to.

“I heard about The 1:1 Diet online, and did a lot of research into it before finding my local Consultant, Emily. I loved the idea of having one-to-one support rather than having to attend a class.”

After starting on the weight-loss Plan in February 2020, Fianait managed to lose a stone in her first three weeks.

“I was absolutely chuffed with the results. Friends at work noticed the difference almost immediately and it was a real boost for me to continue.

“We soon went into the first lockdown in mid-March 2020 and it was great to be able to adjust the Plan with my changes in lifestyle.

“Although it was difficult, losing weight during lockdown did have some benefits – there were no meals out or celebrations, and it allowed me to get into a routine and ensure I was following the Plan 100 per cent. I had so much energy on Plan and had absolutely no problem getting out and doing my 10,000 steps each day!

A big milestone came for Fianait when she went to collect her wedding dress in July 2020.

“By this stage I was almost at my target weight, and when I came to try on my dress, it was hanging off me!

“The amazing owner of the bridal shop offered to order me a new dress in a smaller size – I was so overwhelmed by her kindness and generosity. I remember her telling me I deserved it for all my hard work on the weight-loss journey.

“I went back to collect my new dress in October and even that was still a little big, but with a few alterations it fit like a glove.”

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, Fianait managed to go ahead with her wedding in December 2020.

“It was a much smaller and intimate occasion than we had originally planned, with just 25 of our immediate family and close friends, but we thoroughly enjoyed our day. I felt incredible in my dress!

“Although my wedding day had spurred me on, it became about far more than that.

“The biggest thing I gained was confidence. I was never interested in clothes and shopping, always hid my body and tried to cover it up, but now I have the confidence to wear whatever I want.

“There has also been the physical benefit of increased energy levels, but more importantly improvements to my mental health. My weight had always got me down, and I was conscious that I didn’t have a particularly healthy relationship with food, but that has all changed. The fact I’ve continued to maintain my weight has been such an important thing for me.

“I couldn’t have done any of it without Emily – she’s been there for me throughout my journey and such an inspiration.

“It’s because of her I made the decision to become a Consultant myself. There weren’t any Consultants working in my county and I was so passionate about spreading more awareness of The 1:1 Diet after everything it had done for me.

“I loved the idea of helping others, especially during the pandemic when everything can seem so negative. It’s been such a fulfilling job and I’m so proud of what all of my clients have gone on to achieve.”

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