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Santa’s Rocking Around the Christmas Tree After Four Stone Weight Loss

We all know Santa loves a mince pie or three, but when Santa Tihomirova saw herself under the Christmas tree last year, she decided it was time to seek help from The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. 

The 30-year-old decided that, while her namesake may be happy to keep piling on the pounds, she needed to take serious action.

Santa, from Ipswich, said: “Christmas is a time of great temptation and it’s all too easy to overindulge on sweet treats, roast dinners and snacks.

“I had really lost control of my eating habits and I ate way too much over the Christmas break, even when I wasn’t hungry – mostly because the food was there! I made a New Year’s resolution in January to be four stone lighter by Christmas 2020.

“In January, I’d reached my heaviest weight of 13st five pounds so I decided to call my local The 1:1 Diet Consultant, Sarah Owen, after realising that I needed extra support on my weight loss journey.

“I started on Step 1 of the Plan in January of this year and my aim was to have reached my goal by Christmas.

“In my first week I lost five and a half pounds, which was so exciting! Each week a little bit more weight would come off and I started to feel so excited about my new body – I’d lost just over a stone in four weeks!

“Having Sarah’s support this year has been incredible. As soon as we met, I knew she would do everything she could to help me to reach my goals.

“The ease of the Plan helped me remain dedicated and in control of what I was eating. The range of products also made sure that I wasn’t getting bored of being on Plan, as there are so many options to choose from.

“I quickly started to notice the health benefits as my weight started to reduce - I found I had more energy and started to feel so much more confident in my own skin. I was even sleeping better!

“When the nation went into lockdown at the beginning of March, I remained dedicated to The 1:1 Diet.

“Being on Plan during lockdown definitely came with its challenges, as I was around food all the time. Dedication and a positive mindset is crucial if you want to succeed and meet your targets.

“My BMI has dropped from the ‘obese’ to the ‘healthy’ category due to my weight loss. I am now healthy and fit, weighing nine stone six pounds, and I love the way I look!

“I’m so excited to be entering the festive season as the person I’ve always wanted to be – I definitely won’t be overindulging on mince pies and sherry this Christmas!”

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Santa's transformation journey