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Leonie Nolan reveals her amazing six stone weight loss

Leonie, 25, had an interest in fashion and wanted to try out modelling but had lost confidence in herself after ballooning to over 15 stone.  

Leonie said: “I’ve been interested in the latest fashion trends ever since I was a young girl, but during my early twenties I started piling on weight due to an unhealthy diet. 

“I’d thought about losing weight for some time but hadn’t been in the right frame of mind to stay focused. The crunch came when I saw the miraculous weight loss my ex-boyfriend’s sister had achieved, over a short space of time. 

“I was curious, so I asked her how she’d managed to lose so much weight and she told me all about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and the amazing support her personal diet Consultant had given her over time. 

“I immediately contacted Gemma Bott, and she explained how the diet worked and the importance of having a one-to-one weight loss coach

“Gemma was incredibly supportive and patient with me. I started on Step 2 and gradually worked my way up, losing weight on each step. I had a few bad weeks while on Plan, but she was always there driving me on, making me stay focused so that I would achieve my goal.

“We had a good rapport and I knew I could go to her whenever I felt I needed that little extra support. Now, I look back at old photos of myself and I feel disgusted at how out of control my eating had been. I have been maintaining my weight for over two years now. I will never go back to being so overweight. 

“The 1:1 Diet made me take a very close look at food and what I was putting into my body, and now I have an extremely healthy diet and I love trying all new recipes.

“I have a professional trainer and I work out regularly which helps me maintain my weight and tone my muscles. I used to hate exercising but now I love it. I feel so much happier and stronger plus I have a healthy BMI and I’m no longer at risk of diabetes. 

“I finally regained my confidence and went to have some professional modelling shots done; I’ve always been interested in modelling. Losing weight also gave me a massive boost and I was promoted at work and passed my driving test. Life has never been better. I can now wear anything I want and I’m finally comfortable in my skin”.