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Iced Coffee Hack

Is there anything better on a lush sunny day than a giant mug of ice cold coffee? If you’re sticking to Plan you might be missing the iced lattes you can get from high street coffee shops, but these are sugar laden and calorific! Don’t fear, we have an awesome low-calorie diet hack for you so you can enjoy an iced coffee treat that tastes so good you’ll feel a bit naughty, without even having to cheat!

Plus, it's cheaper and whole lot better for you! What's not to love?

The 1:1 Diet Iced Latte

  1. Take a large glass (we don’t know about you, but we adore Mason jar mugs, all drinks just feel so much cooler in one of these)
  2. Fill glass with ice
  3. Make up a meal replacement shake from your daily Plan allowance. Flavours which taste amazing with this hack are: Vanilla, Cappuccino and Chocolate. For the real coffee lovers, you can also use the Latte Shake 'N' Go! Extra water will make the drink last longer and give you a consistency closer to a latte
  4. Make up a ‘shot’ of coffee in a mug: 1 tsp of coffee, plus a good splash of water; stir until totally dissolved
  5. Pour shake over ice
  6. Pour coffee over shake (admire how pretty and swirly it looks!)
  7. Enjoy!

Low-calorie frappe

As above, but instead of adding straight to mug, put all ingredients (ice, coffee and shake) into a blender and whizz up to create a gorgeously thick and creamy Frappuccino. Delicious!

Luxe Version

For an even creamier and more luxurious iced coffee treat, use a little of your daily milk allowance (if you’re not sure how much you’re allowed check with your Consultant). YUM!

The best bit is with the average iced coffee on the high street coming in at around 300 calories, you’re saving calories, getting a treat and still staying on Plan! Genius!

For more mouth-watering product hacks like this one, check out our blog.

Iced coffee hack

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