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How to Improve your Mindset in Uncertain Times

When we made our New Year’s resolutions at the start of this year, none of us could have predicted what 2020 would bring. COVID-19 and the stress and uncertainty of lockdown have made this a difficult time for many people. Being removed from our normal routine has led to changes in our diets, sleep, exercise and activity levels.

According to psychologists and the results of recent research in the Frontiers in Psychology journal, stress, unhealthy diet, inactivity and poorer sleep are frequently linked to poor mental health. Also, according to a recent survey we commissioned, over three million Brits had put on over a stone of weight in lockdown. Fortunately, with a bit of planning, we can avoid or reverse these pitfalls and give ourselves the best chance of staying in a good mood.


For many of us, the disruption that lockdown caused to our normal routine led to some negative changes.  It makes sense then that we examine our new circumstances and make some adjustments if needed. One of the most effective mood boosters you could add to your routine is some kind of exercise. Why not choose an activity that you like and that you can do safely. Here are a few suggestions:

But the key is to schedule the exercise into your day and treat it as essential! See our blog on How to start your day right for tips and tricks to a productive day.


Obviously, if you’ve gained weight, you may want to look at your diet. The good news is that a healthy, balanced diet can also improve your mood. We, of course, recommend The 1:1 Diet, which has the advantage that many find it easy to stick to because our meal replacement products are ready to eat with little or no preparation time. This makes it very easy to insert into your new routine! Our products also deliver a full day’s nutritional requirements, so they contain essential nutrients, like pantothenic acid, which helps with normal mental performance.


We also have something that may be even more important – support. Consultant with The 1:1 Diet not only put together a tailored Plan that is just right for you, but they also pride themselves on providing one-to-one encouragement and assistance in other ways – they aren’t just a weight loss coach. They know dieting can be a tough journey, with physical and mental challenges, and they know how to help. In fact, often, Consultants and dieters develop good relationships and become friends. For instance, see how Jeremy and Gemma Warne’s friendship grew from Jeremy’s support - Jeremy and Gemma Warne’s blog.

Whether you’re trying to add exercise or diet to your new routine, support can be key. As British 400m sprinting legend, Roger Black MBE, has stated: “Reaching our fitness goals can be a challenge, especially when doing it alone. I’ve always been lucky enough to be supported by a full team when achieving mine, and it’s fantastic to see the results people can have when they have a Consultant behind them during their personal weight loss journey.”

So, if you’ve got into a bit of a rut during lockdown, don’t let a bad mood and unhealthy habits become your ‘new normal’. Commit to regular exercise, make sure you have more healthy food options around you and develop a positive routine. If you need more support, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Consultant for a quick chat about how they can help.