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From Couch to Gym Bunny

Mum-of-three Angie Price put everyone before herself, but that came at a price on her weight.

“I ploughed on through family life, working full time and making sure our home was a happy place with good food on the table,” she said.

“I was too busy taking care of everyone else, I forgot to take care of myself. My weight spiralled out of control. I had many labels including, cuddly, fat and jolly. But I wasn’t happy and deeply upset about the way I looked.”

When she finally plucked up the confidence to contact a Consultant, who’d she’d previously worked with, Angie was at her lowest point.

Her health was declining; she had knee problems, a high BMI and refused to look in the mirror.  

“I was so embarrassed and had a shocking BMI of 41.6. My dress size was 24, which meant I could only shop online for tent-like clothes.”

Angie was going for a return holiday to Jamaica and that was her spur.

“The last time we went, I was so large people were making fun of me and I just laughed along with everyone, even though my heart was breaking. This time it was going to be different, I was not going to be that fat lady any more.

“Nikki listened and understood the challenge I faced with a bad knee, as well as my BMI.  She suggested we just concentrated on losing a stone at a time.

“Since being on The 1:1 Diet and having my Consultants support, I’ve lost five stone, but I am still maintaining. Part of my regime is fitness training because I wanted a life change, not just a quick fix.

“I love the way working out makes me feel. I’m now a regular at our gym, going at least six times a week. This has been a total lifestyle change, not just a fad.

“The best thing about losing weight is that I can now wear stylish clothes and love trying on new gym gear!”

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