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Dieter Stories: Amanda Lane

Life Changer 2018

“On 19th April 2008, my sister, who was 37 and seven months pregnant, and her husband, aged 40, were killed in a car crash. Another driver was driving recklessly and hit my sister’s car head-on. The driver and passengers of the other vehicles all survived, but my sister, her unborn child and husband were killed instantly.

“I had to deal with many challenging times after this day, from having to identify my sister’s body, court cases, and seeing the man who killed three people get just two years in jail.

“The trauma of it all and the subsequent court trial meant, in December that year, my dad decided to give up his fight for life, dying of cancer and a broken heart.

“I gradually gained weight through ‘emotional eating’, trying to find some way to get through it all and carry on. I would often find myself binge eating; I would buy pizza, pasta, and pudding and would sit and work my way through the lot feeling totally uncomfortable. If I had to go for petrol I would buy two big bags of sweets and eat them all on the journey home.

“The turning point came when I couldn’t zip up my favourite pair of cowboy boots. I decided I needed to lose weight and I had heard about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan from a friend. I needed to do this for myself and was not going to let anyone stop me. I contacted my Consultant, Ruth Harrison.

“I was in the biggest, deepest hole a human can ever be in, but I have so much confidence now. I’ve even had a boudoir photo shoot, where I felt like a million dollars!

“It’s the 10 year anniversary of my family’s death, it will be my 50th birthday in December and I have changed my life around totally.”

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