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6 Common Diet Questions Answered

In this article we answer 6 of the most common questions asked to us here at The 1:1 Diet:

1. Why do I feel hungry all the time?

As with all diets, it’s normal to initially feel hungry when you start The 1:1 Diet. However, once you get past the first few days, this tends to calm down quite a bit. Evidence suggests that the mild ketosis that occurs on our diet not only stimulates a higher percentage of body fat to be burned off as calories, but also affects certain hunger hormones (like the hormone ghrelin).

2. How can I motivate myself to lose weight?

With The 1:1 Diet, you get your very own Consultant. Not only do they help decide a personal weight-loss plan to fit your lifestyle needs, they are also your dedicated cheereroner, offering you motivation and support.  Evidence shows that this type of support delivers the best chance of success. Further evidence also suggests that substantial weight loss early on during a diet predicts ultimate success – this is how to motivate yourself to lose weight!

Visualisation is also a great motivation method. Visualise how you would like to look, whether that’s confidently walking around in a bikini on a beach or just comfortably wearing your favourite top. Keep coming back to this visual whenever you find yourself going off track or in need of a motivational boost.  

A key factor that can help maintain motivation is the fact that we have a huge range of Products - meal replacement shakes, bars, meals, porridges and soups - that are ready-to-eat or take a couple of minutes to prepare. This kind of convenience means you don’t fall off the wagon because of a lack of time to prepare food!

3. Can I lose weight without exercising?

The simple answer is “yes”. In fact, while exercise is excellent for your health and for maintaining weight loss once you’ve lost it, it is not very good for losing weight. The best studies on supervised exercise programmes, even ones lasting several months or a year, only deliver about two kilograms (less than five pounds) weight loss. The various studies on our diet show 10 to 20 kilos weight loss (over one and a half to three stone) 

We encourage people, unless they are accustomed to exercise already, to hold off initially or perhaps to do very light activity, like walking, in the early stages of the diet. Ideally, dieters should gradually try to add more activity to their lifestyles, but successful weight loss can certainly be achieved without exercise.  

4. How much water should I be drinking a day? 

Drinking plenty of water will make up for the liquid that we usually obtain from food (many foods are comprised mostly of water). Without enough, you could become dehydrated. Proper hydration can also help with hunger and help to avoid the discomfort that can occur with any dietary change. It also allows our liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system to work efficiently during the weight-loss process to metabolise and eliminate body fat. To achieve this, we recommend four pints (eight glasses or 2.25 litres) of water per day.

For a more-detailed recommendation on water intake and the benefits of staying hydrated, check out this popular blog. 

Or, if you are wanting to spice up the way you stay hydrated, check out our ‘rethinking your drinking’ blog for some top tips!

5. How much should my BMI be?

BMI is a quick and easy way of working out if you are considered to be in a healthy weight category and it’s used regularly by the NHS.

However, it does not take into account other important factors such as proportion of muscle mass, age, and measurements like waist and hips.

While BMI is a good indicator, it’s always best to use it as part of a range of measurements, like a waist circumference measurement, which your Consultant will take on your first appointment.

If you want to find out what your BMI is and how this potentially represents your health, then check out our BMI calculator.

6. How can The 1:1 Diet help me lose weight?

The 1:1 Diet is a lot more flexible than other weight-loss plans and it’s the ONLY one that gives you dedicated, one-to-one support from your own personal diet Consultant. That means your diet is designed for you, and only you. Together with your Consultant, you’ll work out an easy-to-follow eating Plan that fits with your routine and gets you the results you want.

Head over to the dieter stories section on our blog to check out how many people The 1:1 Diet has helped to lose weight and reach their goals!

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