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Beauty therapist lost 7 stone in weight whilst on The 1:1 Diet

Vanessa had struggled with her weight on and off for a decade, but it was a series of health-related incidents that gave her the willpower to lose weight.

“I’m a beauty therapist and I work long unsociable hours,” she said. “I was caring for other people, just not for myself, and the weight seemed to pile on out of nowhere.

“I put it down to being stressed, exhausted and the menopause. I also eat when I’m stressed and wasn’t making healthy choices when it came down to food.

“My knees began to hurt, my blood pressure was high, border-line needing medication to control it. I felt tired all the time, and deep down I knew that my symptoms were due to being overweight. I just never seemed to have the willpower to anything about it.”

Vanessa had a three-month break from work in 2019. This break gave her the time to look at herself and the opportunity to put her health first.

“I didn’t want to go down the invasive medical route. I knew my weight was causing my health issues, and it would only continue as I grew older. I didn’t feel old! I wanted to live an exciting active life, full of fun and not riddled with health conditions caused by being obese.

“I’d researched The 1:1 Diet and found Maya. The diet ticked all the right boxes. It had the full nutritional elements combined with ‘real food’. I also liked the idea of having someone who could be my mentor and cheer me on.

“Working with Maya was fantastic. We clicked instantly, she was so positive and supportive. I was upset at my first weigh-in as I was at my heaviest, but the diet Plan was easy to stick to and soon the weight fell off.

“People began to notice my weight loss and there were a few comments about whether I’d gone down the surgical route.

“I’m not going to say it was easy. My willpower was tested, but I forged ahead with my end-goal in sight.

“Then, in March 2020, the pandemic hit and it was hard. I had begun to get my life together and within the blink of an eye, there was no routine, no work and I was stuck inside for weeks.”

Vanessa stuck to Plan through the pandemic with Maya keeping her focused and she managed to lose

“When I stood on the scales and realised I’d lost 100lbs my heart filled with joy. I was no longer obese and was so grateful, especially as the media started reporting how obesity-related conditions can worsen the effect of COVID-19.

“I saw a client after coming out of lockdown, who I hadn’t seen for over a year, and she barely recognised me; that was an amazing feeling.

“Having the support of my Consultant through this pandemic has been fundamental to my weight loss. I’m a completely different person, happier, healthier and full of energy, no more joint pain or high blood pressure.”

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