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Avoiding those Easter diet struggles

We’ve all been there – your local supermarket is stocking up on all the Easter treats – from chocolate eggs to hot cross buns – and the temptation becomes almost terrifying.

There are diet struggles that we can all relate to this time of year, so we’ve got some handy hints and tips to help you stay focused. 

But first, why is it that so many of us crave chocolate?

Easter aside, who doesn’t love a chocolatey treat? With its creamy texture and sweet taste, chocolate can really trigger our dopamine receptors when eaten.

A craving for chocolate could mean that your body might actually be after a boost in magnesium! You can find magnesium in almonds, bananas, pumpkin seeds, figs and spinach! But if it has to be chocolate, no problem. Just ask your Consultant for the range of chocolate meal replacement bars, bites and shakes available on Plan that can help satisfy that desire if the spinach doesn’t cut it!

To learn more about cravings, read our blog You Need to Question Your Cravings.

A few of the common struggles and how to get through them:

”Oh come on, treat yourself!”

“Treat yo-self!” your friend/boyfriend/cousin/aunty’s dogsitter yells at you. “One Malteaser won’t hurt,” or, “It’s Easter you HAVE to eat chocolate!” Why does it seem that the moment you mention that you’re on a diet, everyone around you suddenly becomes intent on feeding you and derailing all of your hard work?

Just remember willpower is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets! Just say no and you’ll forget you ever even liked chocolate (… ok maybe not).

And remember to always be prepared – if you’re out visiting friends, or have a busy day running errands, make sure you have a product to hand. Read our Easter Chocolate and Diets blog for a full list of our diet friendly chocolate products.

Is there a way to block ‘#foodenvy’ on Instagram?

We know that it feels like the second you decide to go on a diet, suddenly your social media feeds are full of delicious looking food! It’s like your friends can sense your moment of weakness and then immediately post pictures of their Easter eggs…

You’re really working that willpower muscle now!

Drown out the distractions by filling your ‘following’ list with #One2OneDiet members instead and your feed will be awash with amazing before and afters, scrummy product hacks and healthy recipes.

Phew, no need to delete the app after all!

“I’ll just have one, then stop”

One bite, slice, nibble, piece… who has said that, then consumed an entire chocolate bar that they had planned to save? It might be a late-night craving, or an after-lunch treat, we’ve all been there.

But have no fear, your Consultant is there to help keep you on track! That’s what’s great about The 1:1 Diet, it’s proven that one-to-one support is key to staying on Plan and reaching your goals. You Consultant will be a call, text, WhatsApp or message away. They’ll know exactly how to help you when you need it most.

We hope this helps; whether it’s simply to reassure you that you’re not alone, or it’s kept you focused on reaching that goal. You can find more handy hints and tips for eating, wellbeing and weight loss on our blog.

If you’re looking to start your weight-loss journey, why not chat to a Consultant today?