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Hi, I'm Deborah!

Training School of Excellence

Are you thinking about becoming a consultant?

I have 28 years’ experience running teams in the corporate world training and developing others to achieve their potential and I have now transferred those skills to help others build their own successful businesses winning awards in their own rights.

I have an amazing friendly team located all over the UK & Ireland & Portugal

I have been a full-time consultant now for 5 years and love my job! I started it as a side hustle for some extra income to pay for my kids’ tuition and a family holiday and for me it was so rewarding, I left the corporate world to do this full-time.

Become a 1:1 consultant and join my friendly, supportive team for a  rewarding experience as a consultant. You have the choice as to how you want to work.

• Perhaps you would like to use the opportunity to work part time topping up your income in your spare time to allow you to buy those little extras.

 • Maybe you’re looking to be your own boss, and make your own decisions, working your own hours.

Whatever you decide, there is something that can suit your lifestyle. Once accredited there is no minimum spend requirements each month, you just buy as much or as little as you need.

What’s Involved?

You will attend an Essentials Training Day online via a Zoom Call all about becoming a consultant. 

As I do with my slimmer’s, I am here for you the entire time, you are never alone in this.

What’s The Cost?

It's £50 to book a your course. 

The starter kit cost £150 and contains everything to help get you started as well as 230 products to get you started. 

I love working from home as it fits around my family and commitments and would be happy to support you build a business of your own. 

Please get in touch for a chat, I'm happy to answer any questions

        Current Gold Champion 

        Multi Award winning team in their own right

        Rising Star awards highest level for new Consultants

        Experienced Consultant and Sponsor

        Sponsor to male slimmer of the year and DSA finalists

        Online training and team groups

        Help with stock swaps

        Regular meetings

        Ongoing support and encouragement

        Easily contactable 7 days a week both daytimes and evenings

        Team Incentives and Rewards 

If you're not willing to work for it, don't complain about not having it......