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Hi, I'm Kim!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

I feel so privileged to have been introduced to the amazing business.

Losing weight and becoming a consultant has been life-changing for me.

I would be honoured to have you on my team and be able to offer you the same amazing opportunity. 
You will be your own boss, choose when and how you work, earning money, and changing people's lives every day is the most satisfying job anyone could ask for.

I've been a consultant for 5 years now and have had the pleasure of helping so many people lose weight and transform their lives. My business has grown over these years, even through 3 Lockdowns!

I have been lucky enough to win a few awards since becoming a consultant. Winning awards is amazing and it spurs me on to keep building my business. 
One of my goals for 2020 was to open my own weight loss Centre by the end of the year, and in September 2020 that dream came true. I'm now based Stansted House, Shire Hill, Saffron Walden (CB11) & Linton (CB21)

Choose me and we could build our empires together!!

I will be there to support you every step of the way.
My motto is "Every day is a learning day", when you are learning you are growing.

Being able to help people is one of my strengths, whether it's helping people to lose weight or helping you build your own business. I've built my own successful business which means I can guide you on the road to success too. If you want a full-time business that's ok, if you want your business to be a part-time second income, that's also ok.........It's YOUR business.

All of our training is currently via Zoom and your accreditation is electronic. So everything can be completed on the same day and all from the comfort of your sofa.
With minimal start-up costs...........getting your own business started couldn't be easier.

The 1:1 Community is so supportive, everyone is happy to help anytime. With over 7000 consultants on hand to help you are in safe hands. We are all here to help you make a success of your very own business. 

Get in touch & let's talk about how YOU can have a business to be proud of.

Call me on 07946462790 or Email me:

Together We Can Be a Winning Team 



Be The Creator Of Your Own Destiny and Become Your Own Boss!!