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Hi, we're Kerrie & Jon !

The most rewarding job ever!

After having my 2 children I returned to my 12 year career as a police officer. I found that I had lost my resilience and really struggled to justify the hours, stress, risk of injury, heavy workload, mediocre pay and constant compromises to my family life. 

I had successfully lost 4 stone within 5 months with the 1:1 Diet. When I explained to my consultant that I was unhappy with my job, he suggested becoming a consultant myself. When I realised the unlimited earning potential and the chance to work my own hours under my terms I was instantly fixated on making it successful. 

After researching the role I saw potential for huge job satisfaction, helping people transform their lives through weight loss. The potential market is ever increasing as the obesity crisis is publicised within every community. I knew I could motivate and inspire people through my own experience, I am hugely passionate about the results and success that can be achieved. I believe that in order to have great job satisfaction, an honest passion for what you sell or the service you provide is vital.

My vision was to increase brand awareness and develop my team, client base and reputation by opening Worcester’s only dedicated weight loss centre with a highly visual and appealing shop front. After taking a council run business course I learned how to apply for financial help from the council. I was awarded the council-led Start Up Business Grant of £1,500

In April 2019 I formally opened Worcester Weight Loss Centre which I publicised widely. This generated huge interest and enquiries were rolling in. Within 2 weeks of the centre opening I had generated sufficient profit to pay for my rent, utilities and overheads. 

With this visual presence I have raised my profile as a consultant and increased my client base by 600%. My sales turnover has ranked me in the top 6% of consultants Nationally.

I'm now in a position where I'm earning the equivalent of an officer twice promoted in my previous employment in under 30 hours per week. There's no ceiling to my earning potential, I can take time off whenever I want and I can spent time mentoring my team, watching them grow their own business which is so rewarding and fulfilling. My job satisfaction has never been better, I truly feel a sense of value and achievement.

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life -Marc Anthony