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Hi, I'm Aneta!

Hi I'm Aneta

Ask me For Another opportunity to find out what it’s all about!! ?? ? 


Have you ever wondered how you become an accredited 1:1 Diet Consultant and what it entails? ??‍??? ? 


How to get started, and how you can make an income from it whether full or part-time?? ? 


Please come and join us virtually to learn more about this amazing opportunity and everything you need to know about becoming a Consultant!  ?


Basically the best job EVER!! (Not that I’m biased or anything!) ??? ? 


???????????????????? ???????? ?????? ???? ????????????????????! ? 


This is is just an informative event - you are not signing up for anything, you won’t be asked to contribute, just grab a cuppa, zoom and chill! 


The virtual meeting is available soon  

You will need to DOWNLOAD the Zoom App -  (Just the free version will do!)? ? 


If you are interested please DM me asap, as I only have limited spaces available for this meeting!? 


The last few meetings have completely sold out 

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