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Hi, I'm Beata!

My names is Beata and I have been struggling to lose weight for a long time. At some point , I started feeling demotivated. Everything changed once I discovered the Cambridge Weight Plan. Finally, I can see a difference ! Look at my photos. Can you see it as well?                       

My current look and practice are wonderful effects the Cambridge Weight Plan. I have decided to share my experience with you and say that I have achieved without making enormous sacrifices. I am fully aware how diffcult it can be. Therefore, we aim to show you the Cambridge Weight Plan Way. There is a broad range of food products that can be used for nutritionally balanced meals. They will make you feelmarvelous and allowto save time.             

The results may be really amizing! If you are dedicated and diligently follow all the rules and instructions, you can easily achieve your dreams. I am here to help you with it. Get in touch today for a free individual consultation.                                          

Friendly individual approach.  

Flexible meteting times at my place.                                       

No hidden costs .                                                                     

No contracts.                                                                           

Continuous support and motivation at every stage.               

I am fluent in written and Spoken Polish.

Whether you are young or old, male or female , have 1 or 20 stone to lose, losing weight with CWP can change your life forever.  Take the first step and contact  me today.