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Hi, I'm Claire!

Love being my own boss

My Journey - 4 stone* lighter and enjoying life 

Hello and welcome to my page. Well done on taking the first steps on your weight loss journey to a healthier new you.

I have a good idea of how you are feeling right now, as I’ve been in your shoes. I had struggled with my weight for 20 years and had tried every diet known to man, always losing some weight but then putting more back on. I was unhealthy, miserable, lacked confidence and felt like my life was on hold. Cambridge Weight Plan was recommended to me by a work collegue and after contacting my amazing supportive Consultant, I have never looked backed.

I know now that I had a bad relationship with food and CWP gave me the oppurtunity to eliminate food for a while and then slowly introduce it back in. Being in control of my diet this way empowered me. I reached my goal quickly and safely and four and half years  later and two babies i have maintained my 4 stone* weight loss.  

One of the amazing benefits of this diet is the flexibility, it can be used as a total diet replacement or enjoyed alongside healthy food. I promise with the huge range of CWP products has to offer you can’t get bored with this diet.

The diet offers a fast, effective genuine weight loss with 1:1 support.

My promise to you is to be there every step of the way, motivation, support and encouragement will be given from the beginning to reaching your target and even at target you can receive monthly weigh ins to keep you on track for as long as you wish.

As a Consultant i will offer you:

  • 1:1 Support / appointments from my home in Calverley
  • A friendly face in a relaxed environment - remember I’ve been where you are!
  • 100% support in reaching your goals
  • A plan that suits you and your lifestyle needs
  • Flexibility of appointments and regular contact 
  • No tie in fees

Don’t let today be one day, let today be day one. 

Call me/Text me/Email me and together we will get you started on your journey.