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Hi, I'm Martine!

Be your own Boss!

After a year of indecision I finally took the plunge and became accreddited as a consultant.

At the time I was working part time with no opportunities to earn more and improve my lifestyle.  I initially started  to top up my income, not expecting a great deal as I had never run my own business before.

Within a year I had successfully supported many slimmers to reach their weight loss goals With the support of my own sponsor and team, I realisied I had quite a successful business.  My income soon overtook my 'job' and I made the decision to leave it after 20 years.

If you want a supportive, rewarding, positive, job where you choose your own hours and make it work for you rather than you working for 'them' I can help you achieve that!

Whether it's just for a bit of extra income or to replace a job you hate this can work for you.  It really was the best decision I ever made.