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Hi, I'm Kate!

Your future your way.

Five years ago I was a post divorce single mum and exhausted lawyer. As my unhappiness grew so did my waistline until one day I didnt recognose myself in a shop window. A friend suggested CWP.  Little did I know then that not only would I lose my weight, effectively for the first time, but I would also find an opportunity that would change everything.

I now have an even  more profitable business doing something I love and that works around my family.  This is a business that makes me proud ever day. I love helping my clients and changing their lives for the better. Every day is a great day.

I've been involved in the business a few years testing every elelment before recommending it to anyone.  I can honestly say its the best business that I've known and Monday is no longer a dirty word.

We are a longstanfing established company having been formed over 35 years ago to meet weightloss needs-  predominantly in the medical sector first.  The HQ team are exeptional and have recently won Employee Owned Business of the Year Award 2019 (beating John Lewis!)  Throughtout the pandemic they have protected us, amended some working practices to meet environment demands and allowed us to grow and florish when so many firms have faultered and failed.  We continued to work and grow.

Start up cpsts are minimal ( from £200) ad you are literally given all the information you need.  Your sponsor HOPEFULLY ME will be there for you thoughtout for training, advice, guidance, business building and practical day to day things.

So ...wether you are looking to join the business to:-

*   Help your own weightloss journey,

*  Earn extra cash alongside another job or,

*   Escape "that boss",

*   Find work you can work around your family,

*   Go full out to develop a hugely profitable business and smash our numerous awards

I promise I will be there for you and will guide you to achieve your goals WHATEVER SIZE they are.  You will NOT be lost in a team of 100's but will get bespoke 1:1 business planning to succeed.

I lwould love the opportunity to tell you more (havent mentioned passive income and future proofing earnings) and welcome you to the team.  Please do call .. you've nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

Welcome to a team designed for you.